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Carestream Dental is a finalist in National Sports technology Awards 2018

Carestream Dental is a finalist in National Sports technology Awards 2018


Carestream Dental is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted in two categories for the National Sports Technology Awards 2018.

This is an internationally-recognised accreditation that celebrates technology-led innovation throughout the world of sport.

It is thrilled to be a finalist in the following groups:

  • Best Participation Technology

  • Most Innovative Sports Equipment or Apparel

In collaboration with the mouthwear suppliers and dental laboratories involved – Forcetech Mouthwear, Rhino Mouthwear, Fairbanks Dental Laboratory and Wessex Dental Laboratory – the company has also been shortlisted in the Most Innovative Sports Partnership category.

We look forward to the awards ceremony and are hopeful for a win!


For more information please contact Carestream Dental on

0800 169 9692 or visit

For all the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @CarestreamDentl and Facebook

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Ivoclar Vivadent to showcase their new brand at The Dentistry Show

Ivoclar Vivadent to showcase their new brand at The Dentistry Show



The Dentistry Show 2017 will see Ivoclar Vivadent UK & Ireland showcase their new brand, Ivoclar Digital, to the British market for the first time after it’s official launch at IDS, Cologne, in March.

Ivoclar Digital is the biggest development for the leading dental manufacturer of materials and equipment since the market-leading IPS e.max all-ceramic system was introduced to the dental industry over 10 years ago. The new digital products will provide dentists and dental technicians with state-of-the-art professional expertise throughout the entire digital process journey; assisting them with material selection and digital processes in the design and production of quality restorations, complemented with a wide range of additional services and customer support.

PrograMill One will make its debut as Ivoclar’s first chairside mill for dentists; it is the world’s smallest 5-axis milling machine, combining industrial manufacturing quality with high precision and modern design. In the innovative 5-axis turn-milling technique, the workpiece rotates around the tool at a constant feed and the tool never leaves the block, ensuring short milling times and minimal tool wear.

Various validated processing strategies are available for different materials and indications; the unit has been particularly developed for milling IPS e.max. The machine’s wireless capabilities allow it to be operated from any location with the help of a special app for tablets and smartphones and the optical status display shows the current status of the machine. PrograMill One is coordinated with the scanners and design solutions from 3Shape.

Ivoclar Vivadent’s technical stand for DTS is adjacent to the Dentistry Show stand; both will have numerous new and existing product demonstrations. Clinical and Technical stand visitors can also expect the most relevant product and material updates for dental and laboratory professionals, whilst also benefitting from the expert advice of our attending specialists.


The DentistryShow takes place on the 12th & 13th May, NEC,

You can find Ivoclar Vivadent Clinical at Stand No. F35,

Ivoclar Vivadent DTS Technical at Stand No. F28.

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Bringing you the best of new technology


For over 40 years, Clark Dental has brought you the most cutting-edge dental equipment from around the globe. The most recent additions to their high-quality range are from market-leader, Sirona, and includes:


The XIOS Scan: this innovative product allows you to easily digitise conventional radiographs to an exceptional standard. After exposure, specifically designed imaging plates are inserted into the XIOS Scan where, thanks to an outstanding scan quality of up to 22 line pairs/mm, incredibly sharp digital images are produced and sent directly to your computer. With the XIOS Scan, you will no longer need to develop radiographs with environmentally harmful chemicals – nor disrupt your tried-and-tested diagnostic workflow.  


The ORTHOPHOS SL range: a multifunctional range of radiographic systems, ORTHOPHOS SL can offer you incomparably sharp 2D images, thanks to the powerful DCS sensor and unique Sharp Layer Technology. Then, either upgrade your system with an optional Ceph arm or choose full 3D utility. Alternatively, take advantage of the fully dedicated 3D system which is available in two flexible levels of volume range, from 8 x 8cm or 11 x 10cm, that will help you easily create perfect 3D images without having to unnecessarily increase the radiation dose for your patient.


For all the latest in exceptional dental technologies, contact Clark Dental today. 


For more information call Clark Dental on 01268 733 146, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit  

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Introducing Humble Brush

Introducing Humble Brush

Recently launched in the UK and Ireland, Humble Brush is an exciting new product that aids dental health while protecting the environment and supporting less fortunate communities around the globe.


Dr Noel Abdayem, one of the founders of Humble Brush, as well as James Hamill from Quintess Denta – exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland – and Dr Darren Weiss, President of the Humble Smile Foundation (, introduced the inspiring product at a press launch in August this year.


Humble Brush features an ergonomically designed, biodegradable, panda-friendly bamboo handle that offers natural antiseptic properties. This is complemented by soft, degradable nylon bristles and packaging  made from 100% recycled materials.


You have the power to not only provide your patients with a truly effective and environmentally friendly adjunct, but also gain assurance that with every Humble Brush sold, the equivalent value will be donated to people in need.


Furthermore, you can test this remarkable product with a free toothbrush sample available for each practice. To help make a difference, contact the team at Humble Brush today.



Humble Brush is now available in the UK and Ireland. For more information visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0286 862 8880. To order contact our exclusive distributor Quintess Denta at


Follow us on social media:

@HumbleBrush and


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Truly universal - Filtek Z500 Universal Restorative

Truly universal - Filtek Z500 Universal Restorative

For a restorative that is suitable for everyday dentistry, try Filtek Z500 Universal Restorative from 3M ESPE.


Filtek Z500 has a multitude of benefits including good radiopacity[i] and light stability,[ii] high flexural strength,[iii] and low shrinkage.[iv] All of these factors add up to simple handling and durability, which is essential in the dental setting.


Not only that, Filtek Z500 Universal Restorative is available in eight universal and one opaque shade, so you can create beautiful restorations. The combination of this, along with the excellent polish retention,[v] makes Filtek Z500 your go-to product for aesthetic restorations.  


For a truly universal restorative, try Filtek Z500 from 3M ESPE today.


For more information, call 0845 602 5094 or visit

[i] 3M ESPE Internal Data, Filtek Z500 radiopacity, 2010. Claim no 4441

[ii] 3M ESPE Internal Data, Filtek Z500 light stability, 2010. Claim no 4442

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[iv] 3M ESPE Internal Data, Filtek Z500 shrinkage, 2010. Claim no 4433

[v] 3M ESPE Internal Data, Filtek Z500 polish retention, 2010. Claim no 4427


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A restorative that goes with the flow...


Kerr’s team knows that direct procedures require multiple technological solutions. That’s why we have created a robust family of universal composites with a variety of different handling characteristics and property values.


Take, for example, Herculite™ XRV Ultra Flow, a medium viscosity light cure nanohybrid resin restorative that combines the long-standing expertise of the Herculite brand with an innovative flowable composite.


Formulated with Kerr’s rheological expertise, Herculite XRV Ultra Flow, thanks to its Smart Placement Technology, is able to flow easily when used as a base/liner and maintain its shape when used in small restorations.


Other features include:

• Outstanding flexural strength

• Low shrinkage

• Easy polishability

• Excellent gloss retention.


The Herculite XRV Ultra range offers the best of both worlds – strength and aesthetics – to give you long-lasting, beautiful restorations.


For further information, please call 01733 892292, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit


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The Benefits of Film and Digital in One

The Benefits of Film and Digital in One

Wilhelm Roentgen, Professor of Experimental Physics in Germany, was the first to discover the x-ray in 1895. Over the next century, the technology used to perform radiography was transformed and an x-ray machine is now an essential piece of equipment within the modern dental practice. Most recently, the digital era has seen another change in the field of radiography offering a new alterative to conventional methods.


Film x-rays still have their place in the modern profession. The picture quality is excellent, giving great detail and contrast and sterilisation is simple, which is an important consideration within the clinical setting. However, there are disadvantages to consider too. For example, the image is static once processed with the contrast fixed, and it takes time to be processed and much space to be stored. It is also labour intensive further making it expensive, and it is hazardous posing a health and safety concern.


Digital alternatives strive to tackle the downsides of conventional film imaging techniques. The practitioner and the patient can view the image instantly, allowing improved communications between the two parties and quicker treatment times. Radiation exposure is reduced and even at a lower dosage the image can be digitally enhanced to aid accuracy of diagnostics. The image can also be increased in size to help detect very small cavities that may not have been noticed on a conventional x-ray. And in terms of cost, the initial outlay may be an investment, but it is often a fruitful one as everyday expenses are reduced and the quality of patient service delivered is elevated.


Is there not a ‘happy medium’ that offers the benefits of both systems?


The CS 7200 phosphor plate imaging system from Carestream Dental fits this remit. It is an affordable solution for any practice and covers all daily intraoral indications. You will appreciate the simplicity of the workflow, while the instinctive software allows you to view the high quality images in less than 8 seconds. Further benefits include hygienic sheaths available to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and automatic removal of images from plates after each scan for optimum convenience.


So if you favour the use of film imaging processes and are unsure about changing to completely digital systems in your practice, there are solutions available to you. Today’s dental market is littered with different innovations to enable you to work in the way you prefer, and selecting only those products of the highest quality will ensure you don’t have to compromise your working methods or the quality of dentistry you provide.



For more information, contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit

For all the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @CarestreamDentl and Facebook


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A great piece of technology - Carestream Dental

A great piece of technology - Carestream Dental

A great piece of technology - The CS 3500 intraoral scanner from Carestream Dental enables acquisition of high-resolution, true-colour 2D and 3D images.


Utilising state-of-the-start technology, the scanner is designed to significantly enhance diagnostics and treatment planning for a more accurate and efficient process.


The lightweight portable handpiece also features an innovative light guidance system to aid positioning in the mouth.


Tom Lamont is the Principle Dentist at The Lamont Clinic in Glasgow, and has been using the CS 3500 intraoral scanner for around 6 months.


“Carestream Dental arranged for me to visit a very experienced user of the CS 3500 a few months ago so that I could learn from one of the best and see exactly how the scanner could be used effectively in practice.


“Since then, I have really enjoyed using the CS 3500 – it is a great piece of technology that’s very cost-effective.”


To discover the CS 3500 intraoral scanner for yourself and find out more about Carestream Dental’s commitment to excellent customer service, contact the team today.


For more information, contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit

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Coming soon – a paradigm shift in curing light technology


Kerr is excited to reveal that a new curing light that meets all your ‘wants’ is to be launched in October at the BDTA Dental Showcase on stand N14 and will soon be available UK-wide.

Committed to providing the very best for its customers, Kerr asked potential purchasers what they were looking for in a new curing light. In line with the responses, the product offers:

• A non-degrading power source

• Battery-free and cordless operation

• Rapid recharge in 30 seconds or less

• Uniform depth of cure

• Low heat generation without compromising cure time (C.U.R.E technology)

• Simple and intuitive operation and maintenance

• Unit swap should failure occur

• Warranty extension

• Accidental damage cover.

Keep an eye out for Kerr’s upcoming announcement that will reveal the name of this exciting new light, even more benefits, and when and where you can see it for yourself.

To contact Kerr, please call 01733 892292, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

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