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For over 40 years, Clark Dental has brought you the most cutting-edge dental equipment from around the globe. The most recent additions to their high-quality range are from market-leader, Sirona, and includes:


The XIOS Scan: this innovative product allows you to easily digitise conventional radiographs to an exceptional standard. After exposure, specifically designed imaging plates are inserted into the XIOS Scan where, thanks to an outstanding scan quality of up to 22 line pairs/mm, incredibly sharp digital images are produced and sent directly to your computer. With the XIOS Scan, you will no longer need to develop radiographs with environmentally harmful chemicals – nor disrupt your tried-and-tested diagnostic workflow.  


The ORTHOPHOS SL range: a multifunctional range of radiographic systems, ORTHOPHOS SL can offer you incomparably sharp 2D images, thanks to the powerful DCS sensor and unique Sharp Layer Technology. Then, either upgrade your system with an optional Ceph arm or choose full 3D utility. Alternatively, take advantage of the fully dedicated 3D system which is available in two flexible levels of volume range, from 8 x 8cm or 11 x 10cm, that will help you easily create perfect 3D images without having to unnecessarily increase the radiation dose for your patient.


For all the latest in exceptional dental technologies, contact Clark Dental today. 


For more information call Clark Dental on 01268 733 146, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit  

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