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The Benefits of Film and Digital in One

The Benefits of Film and Digital in One

Wilhelm Roentgen, Professor of Experimental Physics in Germany, was the first to discover the x-ray in 1895. Over the next century, the technology used to perform radiography was transformed and an x-ray machine is now an essential piece of equipment within the modern dental practice. Most recently, the digital era has seen another change in the field of radiography offering a new alterative to conventional methods.


Film x-rays still have their place in the modern profession. The picture quality is excellent, giving great detail and contrast and sterilisation is simple, which is an important consideration within the clinical setting. However, there are disadvantages to consider too. For example, the image is static once processed with the contrast fixed, and it takes time to be processed and much space to be stored. It is also labour intensive further making it expensive, and it is hazardous posing a health and safety concern.


Digital alternatives strive to tackle the downsides of conventional film imaging techniques. The practitioner and the patient can view the image instantly, allowing improved communications between the two parties and quicker treatment times. Radiation exposure is reduced and even at a lower dosage the image can be digitally enhanced to aid accuracy of diagnostics. The image can also be increased in size to help detect very small cavities that may not have been noticed on a conventional x-ray. And in terms of cost, the initial outlay may be an investment, but it is often a fruitful one as everyday expenses are reduced and the quality of patient service delivered is elevated.


Is there not a ‘happy medium’ that offers the benefits of both systems?


The CS 7200 phosphor plate imaging system from Carestream Dental fits this remit. It is an affordable solution for any practice and covers all daily intraoral indications. You will appreciate the simplicity of the workflow, while the instinctive software allows you to view the high quality images in less than 8 seconds. Further benefits include hygienic sheaths available to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and automatic removal of images from plates after each scan for optimum convenience.


So if you favour the use of film imaging processes and are unsure about changing to completely digital systems in your practice, there are solutions available to you. Today’s dental market is littered with different innovations to enable you to work in the way you prefer, and selecting only those products of the highest quality will ensure you don’t have to compromise your working methods or the quality of dentistry you provide.



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