News from around the UK

  1. Universal Credit: Some claimants can get free NHS dental care - are you eligible?  Express

    UNIVERSAL CREDIT is a payment which may be made in order to help with a person's living costs. Some recipients may be eligible to free NHS dental care.

  2. Tooth decay: Parents 'put fizzy drinks' in baby bottles  BBC News

    Some parents are putting fizzy drinks and sugary milkshakes in babies' bottles, leading to rotting teeth, a dentist has warned. Last year 21,825 tooth extractions...

  3. SmileDirect Club: The $8bn braces firm boosted by selfies  BBC News

    SmileDirectClub sells braces aimed at improving the appearance of teeth directly to consumers.

  4. Oswestry dental technician becomes youngest in UK to qualify

    A dental technician is set to bring smiles to the region after becoming the youngest in the UK to qualify.

  5. York residents told to go to Scarborough for urgent dental treatment, say campaigners  The Scarborough News

    A dental care crisis in York means that some patients in pain and in need of urgent treatment are being told to travel to Scarborough, according to health...

  6. The best dental surgeries in the North East as rated by their patients  Chronicle Live

    The results are based on analysis of patient reviews and include dental surgeries across the North East.

  7. Denisovans: Face of long-lost human relative unveiled  BBC News

    Researchers have provided the first glimpse of what an ancient group of humans looked like. Denisovan remains were discovered in 2008 and human evolution...

  8. Athletes have poor teeth despite brushing  BBC News

    Elite athletes have bad teeth despite putting more effort into looking after them than other people, a study shows. UCL scientists interviewed 352 British athletes,...

  9. NHS staff in £214million fraud: Crooked GPs and dentists are scamming health service  Daily Mail

    The scams come as the Health *Service* is losing £1.3billion to fraud a year or £3.5million a day, according to estimates from the NHS watchdog.

  10. Couple urge Melksham dentists to improve access  Wiltshire Times

    A West Wiltshire couple have complained to a Melksham dental practice about its disability access arrangements.

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