News from around the UK

  1. Love Island’s Jack Fincham sparks surge in Brits getting cosmetic dental work  The Sun

    JACK Fincham and actress Margot Robbie were found to have the two most describable smiles in the UK.

  2. HIV fear over 'dirty' dental equipment  BBC News

    Hundreds of dental patients have been offered blood tests over fears they could have been exposed to HIV or Hepatitis B or C. Dirty equipment may have been...

  3. US dentists out-prescribe UK dentists when it comes to opioids  Medical Xpress

    Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have found that dentists practicing in the U.S. write 37 times more opioid prescriptions than dentists...

  4. NHS fines for 1.7 million people overturned, watchdog finds  BBC News

    A watchdog finds £188m incorrect penalties by the NHS in England for dental treatment and prescriptions.

  5. Charcoal toothpastes 'don't whiten teeth'  BBC News

    Charcoal-based toothpastes, which claim to whiten teeth, are a "marketing gimmick" which could increase the risk of tooth decay and staining, says a review in...

  6. Only 3% of children in England visit dentist before their first birthday, study finds  University of Birmingham

    Research led by the University of Birmingham has revealed that just three per cent of children in England visited the dentist before their first birthday.

  7. Illegal tooth-whitening is a 'health gamble', say experts  BBC News

    The warning follows the conviction of a man for selling products which included a carcinogenic substance.

  8. A trip to the dentist cost me my arms, legs and half my face after a tiny cut sparked deadly sepsis  The Sun

    TOM Ray was a fit and healthy 38-year-old when he woke from a coma to discover both his arms and legs had been amputated and part of his face removed.

  9. Patients at dentist 'at risk of HIV' due to unclean equipment  Hertfordshire Mercury

    A total of 563 patients at a Hoddesdon dentist surgery have been told they could be at risk of HIV after a hygienist allegedly failed to follow “strict...

  10. Divisive dentist plans in Cleadon Village get go-ahead after winning planning appeal  Chronicle Live

    Fears over traffic congestion and parking problems were raised by locals.

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