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Your opinions matter! Have your say by taking part in The Dental Survey today…

Your opinions matter! Have your say by taking part in The Dental Survey today…


Are you looking for more ‘added value’ from the dental companies, suppliers and manufacturers that you spend your hard-earned cash with?


We would love to know your opinions and find out more about the kind of ‘added value’ services you would like to see from your dental suppliers.


‘Added value’ can mean any number of things; from free patient information leaflets, banners and posters - to staff training opportunities, marketing support or patient give-aways. Alternatively, you may be looking for training in social and digital media, practice marketing or business development, but don’t know where to start?


Let us know your opinions today. The Dental Survey 2018 will only take a few minutes of your valuable time and for respondents who are happy to leave their contact details they will be entered into a Prize Draw to win £500 worth of John Lewis vouchers!


The Dental Survey 2018 is available HERE

The closing date for entries is Saturday 31st March 2018* so don’t delay! Good luck!


Survey Link

*The winner of the Prize Draw will be notified by email no later than Saturday 7th April 2018.

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MASS OBSERVATION – Your profession, Your experiences, Your opinions

MASS OBSERVATION – Your profession, Your experiences, Your opinions


This October the FGDP(UK) is undertaking an ambitious initiative called the ‘Mass Observation’ project. Subtitled ‘Your profession, Your experiences, Your opinions’ the project aims to capture a snapshot of the dental profession in 2016. 

Everyone in dentistry, from receptionists to practice owners, is invited to submit their experiences about one particular day working in dentistry. The official Mass Observation Day is Wednesday 12th October but people can choose to talk about any day in the week of the 10th to the 16th October. 

Although a small amount of demographic data will be gathered all submissions are anonymous, enabling people to be as candid as possible. The two main questions are deliberately very open: 


  • What did you do today? 
  • What are your thoughts on the profession? 

Within the parameters of those two questions people can write whatever they want, providing they do not breech patient confidentiality. 

The main anticipated outcome from the project is a wealth of anecdotal evidence about dentistry in 2016, and what those involved in the practice of dentistry think about the profession. Whatever themes emerge will be examined in a report to be produced as part of the FGDP(UK)’s 25th anniversary celebrations in 2017. 

Dean of the FGDP(UK) Dr Mick Horton said: 
“This project was inspired by the Mass Observation Project that ran for nearly three decades from 1937. Ordinary people shared snapshots of their lives, and in doing so created an invaluable treasure trove of social history. The FGDP(UK) now wants to create something similar to help us celebrate general dental practice during our 25th anniversary next year. 

We want the whole profession to get involved, not just Faculty members. Dentistry is a wonderful and diverse profession, full of people with fascinating experiences and strong views to share. We want to hear from them all.” 



To take part visit

People will have until the 31st October to submit their contributions. 


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Calling all dental professionals! Have your say...

Calling all dental professionals! Have your say...

The third NHS Confidence Monitor survey is now live for all dental professionals to share their views. Its aim is to provide a better understanding of the profession’s confidence levels in NHS dentistry.


The preceding NHS Confidence Monitor, conducted in May and June of 2015, solicited over 300 responses from dentists across the UK. To reflect the profession’s growing interest in the NHS Confidence Monitor, this latest survey has been opened up to enable all members of the dental team to share their thoughts, providing a deeper and wider understanding of the whole profession’s perception of NHS dentistry.


As previously, the survey will monitor the profession’s confidence in:

•               The future of NHS dentistry as a whole

•               Future career prospects

•               Remuneration levels

•               Getting the balance of treatment versus prevention within the NHS right

•               The ability of the team to work effectively within the NHS

•               Whether patients will be happy with level of care provided.


In addition to widened access, the survey has increased in scope to explore a number of new topics. Those taking part are invited to respond to questions concerning their proposed age of retirement to gauge the possibility of a staffing crisis in the future, and whether they would feel happy encouraging a family member or friend to pursue a career in dentistry.


‘Finding out about team members’ retirement plans should offer an interesting insight into whether there might be a Provider crisis when it comes to asking dentists to sign up to a reformed NHS contract. In addition, asking whether one might encourage a family member or friend to pursue a career in dentistry really brings the overall mood of the profession into focus,’ remarked Andrew Lockhart-Mirams, a specialist in business advice and structures in healthcare and co-founder of Lockharts Solicitors.


Also commenting on the survey, Judith Husband, who sits on the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee, said: ‘I think it is very important to understand the landscape of what is going on. That is why I believe the ongoing, enhanced NHS Confidence Monitor survey is so important and I would urge team members to have their say.


‘No one wants to stop positive progress – but, from the Government’s perspective, this should be in the context of open and honest debate and a willingness to listen to what we, as a profession, have to say. This is a great opportunity to help facilitate that dialogue.’


To take part in the latest NHS Confidence Monitor and share your thoughts, please visit before the closing date of 31st January 2016. The survey should take approximately three minutes of your time.


Once the results of the latest survey have been independently verified, they will be presented to an ‘Insights Panel’ made up of key opinion leaders and experts from the dental profession who will explore and debate their significance and their implications for the future of NHS Dentistry. The panel’s findings will then be shared with dental professionals throughout the UK.


For detailed results from the last two surveys, as well as to gain access to the discussions from our previous Insights Panel meetings and interviews with our panel members, visit


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Enter the Dentists' Provident Survey and win a Speaker!

At Dentists’ Provident they protect dentists in the UK and Ireland with income protection cover when a dentist can’t work because they are ill or injured. As a mutual, members are at the heart of our organisation.
They would like to learn more about your daily habits so they would be grateful if you could spend a few moments completing this survey, for your chance to win one of two Bluetooth® speakers.
Click here for the survey - Dentists' Provident Survey
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