The Grinch

Christmas comes but once a year, And when it comes, it brings fountains of pus.

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Hancock Probed

Dental hancock - Don't look at me, I don't have a clue how you fix it!?

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Social Engagement Proves Powerful

Social Engagement Proves Powerful
Last month I wrote a short blog on Denplan's new TV advert which was and is exciting for the dental profession. The early results of the advert show some really positive engagement stats and suggests that Denplan's strategy of using a hashtag and encouraging social engagement has really paid off. It is great to see a positive reaction from this campaign and shows the importance of an all around marketing plan that uses a range of mediums to engage with the target audience.
Denplan’s high profile national TV advertising campaign ran throughout October and received a fantastic response from the public, dental profession and Denplan members. Below are a few stats that have been shared by Denplan. Although these obviously have their promotional slant on them, it is obvious that the impact of the advert was huge and has been great for the profession and Denplan. Not only will Denplan members have benefited from the advert but I also think that other plan providers will have also seen a boost in their numbers after the advertising campaign.
A few interesting stats have been shared and listed below but two really caught my eye. Firstly its shows the amazing reach of TV adverts, in that it is estimated the advert has reached 20 million consumers and secondly the increase in visitors to the Denplan website is really impressive, with a 158% increase from previous months.  
  • Nearly 60,000 online searches on the ‘Find a Dentist’ page - a 223% increase*
  • More than 150,000 visitors to the Denplan Website - 158% increase**
  • Over 26,000 visits to the #Doitforyourselfie microsite in October
* compared to average monthly searches in 2015
** compared to average monthly new and returning visitors in July 2015
  • 1 million people reached on social media, using #doitforyourselfie
  • The advert was viewed over 200,000 times on social media
  • The advert was viewed for 123 hours on Twitter
TV Coverage
  • The advert reached over 20 million consumers across the UK
  • On average people saw the advert four times
Dentist Feedback
  • 90% of Denplan’s member dentists agreed with the statement: “I am proud that Denplan are encouraging people to love their teeth”


Thanks for reading as always, let me know your thoughts on this campaign and how it was received by your patients?


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