Straumann UK invites you to rock out this summer at one of the most instrumental roadshows UK dentistry has ever seen. They will have you jamming to the tune of digital success as they unveil a number of exciting developments to their digital solutions portfolio.

For 10 days in July the ‘Straumann Juggernaut’ will play host to the Digital Performance ‘rock n roll’ themed tour, taking to the road and visiting seven locations across the UK. The highly-anticipated rock fest will showcase to clinicians, tech-nicians and CDTs the potential to amplify their career with the NEW synchronised digital workflow from Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions.

This epic roadshow, is a result of Straumann’s commitment to ensure clinicians, technicians and CDT have everything they need for every step of the treatment pathway. Audiences can expect to see exclusive performances from headlines acts such as Case Planning & Guided Surgery, Digital Impressions, Lab Scanners, In-Lab & Centralised Milling, 3D Printing and Scan & Shape.


The new and exciting Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions offers the complete digital workflow to help achieve pre-cision and efficiency, together with the peace of mind of Straumann’s quality, reliability and service. Combining inter-connected software platforms, open and fully validated workflows alongside a wide variety of materials to offer - Strau-mann® CARES® Digital Solutions is a true benchmark in digital dentistry.

•       CASE PLANNING & GUIDED SURGERY - The workflow between coDiagnostiX™ and Straumann® CARES® Visual is completely seamless with DWOS Synergy™. Transfer coDiagnostiX™ implant planning to CARES® Visual and receive the restorative plan from the lab technician. Provides complete data visualisation to achieve real-time surgical and restorative case planning.

•       INTRA-ORAL SCANNING - Designed for high performance, ease of use and optimal patient comfort, the extremely compact Straumann® CARES® IO Scanner and Straumann® CARES® IO Portable Scanner allows clinicians to quickly and easily create digital impression data that can be used to design and produce effective prosthodontic solutions. 3Shape TRIOS® Wireless Intraoral Scanners enhances patient experience, reduces chair-time and unlocks the widest range of treatment opportunities. Backed by continuous software updates, upgradable hardware and add-on treat-ment modules, the 3Shape TRIOS® 3 range of intraoral scanners offers accurate, ultra-fast, powder-free scanning.

•       LAB SCANNERS - Straumann® CARES® 3Series and 7Series Desktop Scanners effectively combine proven and estab-lished scanning process with the latest computer technology in an elegant, functional design, to accurately scan models and impressions. The scanners combine proven laser triangulation technology with three or five axes of free-dom and are embedded with a powerful PC and several DWOS applications.

•       IN-HOUSE MILLING & 3D PRINTING - Straumann offers the capability of milling custom dental prosthetics in-house via the flexible Straumann® CARES® Series Milling Units (C, D & M Series). Additionally, the Straumann® CARES® P Series 3D Printer sets a new standard in 3D printing for labs, offering speed and reliability specially tailored to satisfy the highest demands in both the practice and laboratory.

•       OUTSOURCED PRODUCTION – The Straumann® CARES® Centralised Milling facility operates as an extension of the modern laboratory, with state-of-the art equipment and validated workflows. There is a comprehensive range of products to choose from, including one-step restorations, customised abutments, screw-retained bridges and bars, copings, bridge frameworks as well as full contour crowns and bridges. Alongside this, Straumann offer a variety of materials including multiple glass ceramics, zirconia available in numerous shades and translucencies, cobalt chrome, titanium and polymers.

By adding an all-encompassing digital dimension to their portfolio Straumann have added a completely new vibe to their offering – they’re more than a dental implant company, they’re your digital solutions partner.


Audiences will be driven wild by the great product deals, insightful presentations and hands-on demonstrations on offer at the Straumann Digital Performance Tour. Plus, with exclusive backstage access to the live music and entertainment on offer, and after parties scheduled at selected locations, the Straumann Digital Performance Tour promises to be a must-attend event for any technician, CDT or clinician looking to enhance their digital offering in 2017 and beyond.

•   10TH – 11TH JULY




•   13TH – 14TH JULY


•   17TH – 18TH JULY










Don’t miss the opportunity to see these fantastic innovations at the Straumann Digital Performance Tour. FREE to attend places are limited - to book your place visit, or visit Straumann at TDS / DTS on Stand B10 or call 01293 651230.

Facebook: Straumann UK Twitter: @StraumannUK #digitalperformancetour

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Personalisation in Radiography

Personalisation in Radiography




Author: David Claridge (pictured above) is currently the UK CAD/CAM Specialist at Carestream Dental. He began his career as a dental technician at The Briars Dental Centre, Newbury, before starting Claridge Dental Laboratory, and then Claridge Mouthguards. David has been closely involved in the digital impressioning/CAD/CAM world, through his role in the digital dentistry team at 3M ESPE, before joining Carestream Dental.

Digital technology has meant greater personalisation in our lives, including our professional life. We are no longer satisfied with being treated ‘en masse’ as the capability for modified configurations and bespoke settings are available in nearly all of the devices that we use. This capability to individualise is of great benefit in dentistry; whether it is the configuration of a dental chair for improved ergonomics, or the pre-set modes on a hygienist’s ultrasonic scaler, technology is helping workflows become simpler and quicker than ever before.


The evolution of digital radiography has put control back in the hands of the dentist by not only minimising, but also sometimes eliminating the drawbacks of conventional film radiographs. The dentist can now manipulate images that they take so they can be viewed in the way that they need to see it. With conventional radiographs, once the film had left the processing solution the image quality was determined and there was no chance of changing it.  However, the quality of digital images can be altered afterwards to allow for improvements.

There are a number of factors that make up image quality. Contrast, blur and noise can be controlled with use of software to help improve the image and therefore increase the chance of better diagnosis and treatment planning. Subtraction radiography is a useful enhancement method where the purpose is to produce two radiographs of the same view but at different times. Very small changes can be seen that would otherwise have been missed on conventional radiographs or on visual clinical inspection. Another digital capability is to zoom in on specific areas of concern; something impossible with conventional film. Other common enhancement tools include changing of the brightness, enhancing contrast, reversal of the image, embossing to create the image 3-dimensionally, the use of a multi-colour spectrum and filters.

The possibilities are vast when it comes to radiograph image manipulation. The CS Adapt module from Carestream Dental offers a whole new level of choice in extraoral image processing. Whether a panoramic or cephalometric image is required, CS Adapt allows easy adaptation depending on how the clinician wants it to “look and feel” and the intuitive Filter Library allows the clinician to select up to three favourites for a seamless workflow. 

Clinicians no longer have to be satisfied with using equipment that is not producing the results that they require, for the work that they do. Digitisation and the development of technology now allows for personalisation to ensure that the best results are achieved


For more information, contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit

For the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @CarestreamDentl and Facebook 

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Redefining Digital Expertise | Carestream Dental

Redefining Digital Expertise  |  Carestream Dental

The digital workflow is growing ever more powerful in the dental profession. In fact, we found that 95% of dentists who employ digital technologies enjoy a smoother workflow, 88% suggest any staff training expenses are perfectly acceptable, and more than 50% experience an increase in earnings. Perhaps most importantly, the majority of users also agree that the patient experience is enhanced.


At Carestream Dental, we understand the pressures on modern professionals and have invested heavily in research and product development to create effective solutions to the challenges you face every day. All our technologies are available on their own but work together seamlessly for a flexible and totally integrated workflow.

From the very beginning, our new CS Digitalizer enables you to quickly and easily evaluate your practice to establish your individual needs and discover the most suitable innovations for you. The Needs Assessment Survey will enable you to enter basic information about your practice and future goals, and then produce a full report with suggestions of relevant areas to consider in order to optimise and grow your business. Available on the website or from the App Store, this quick and convenient tool will show you exactly how your practice stands, offering the opportunity to see how others compare in your area.

Whether you are looking to increase your digital capabilities, or take your first steps towards a digital workflow, we provide a range of solutions backed up by expert advice and support. From the handheld CS 3500 intraoral scanner to the CS 7200 imaging plate system, our user-friendly technologies deliver outstanding image clarity for accurate diagnostics, with the flexibility to work in the way you prefer. The innovative CS 8100 3D imaging system even harnesses the power of 3D and brings it within every general practice’s reach, all the while limiting radiation dosage for a safer examination process for both patient and professional.  

Offering further benefits to you and your team the CS R4+ practice management software, featuring Springboard, operates in real-time data, giving you an up-to-the-minute analysis of your practice performance whenever required. Focusing on chair occupancy, treatment plan uptake, appointment confirmation and recare protocols, the programme highlights strengths and weaknesses in an instant so you can manage your business as efficiently as possible.

When utilised effectively, the digital workflow offers copious advantages for the modern dental practice. Every day systems are simplified and streamlined, with enhanced diagnostics, treatment planning and patient communications contributing to an overall superior patient service. At Carestream Dental, we will continue our commitment to you through our leading innovations and first-rate customer service, and we are always on hand should you need more information, advice or technical support. A move towards digital is often much easier and less costly than you would think – and the rewards can be mind-blowing.


For more information, contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit

For all the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @CarestreamDentl and Facebook


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Balancing the Digital Dentistry Stool | Chris Barrow

Balancing the Digital Dentistry Stool | Chris Barrow

The concept of digital dentistry is a three-legged stool. In no particular order, those legs are digital equipment, the tools used to make teeth; digital smile design, the way you treatment plan; and digital marketing, the way you get people in through the door.

I frequently speak about what is known as the ‘adoption cycle’. This is a bell-shape curved graph, and working from left to right you have ‘innovators’, ‘early adopters’, ‘late adopters’ and ‘laggards’. At the far left hand-side of the curve, you have the few people who are keen to try something new without any concrete evidence. The ‘early adopters’ are those who will try new things once some evidence of their success is made available, and the ‘late adopters’ will only jump on the bandwagon once solutions are tried, tested and refined. The ‘laggards’ tend to be those who are open to very little change, if any at all.

As a group, dentists are not brilliant at moving through the adoption cycle. The majority of dentists operate at the ‘late adoption’ stage of the curve, with the next largest group ‘early adopters’ and an ever-diminishing number of ‘laggards’. There aren’t, unfortunately, many dentists working in the ‘innovation’ phase either, although this is somewhat understandable – as trained medical professionals, they want to see clinical evidence of new products or technologies working effectively before they employ them in their own businesses. This does, however, make the process of innovation and development quite difficult in dentistry, as suppliers and manufacturers have limited options regarding who will trial their latest products.

Digital equipment

There is a growing range of dental technologies available on the dental market designed to facilitate the reproduction of natural-looking and functional dentition. Equipment has been advanced and refined over time to now produce clinical results of previously unparalleled accuracy and quality, enhancing the standard of dental treatment provided to patients, increasing their satisfaction and therefore helping businesses to grow. Technologies have also been developed to streamline the clinical and management workflows within practices, allowing more efficient daily processes for happier and more relaxed staff.

The umbrella term of ‘digital equipment’ now includes everything from milling machines to CAD/CAM software and 3D printers, but its place on the adoption cycle varies between countries. In the USA, for example, digital equipment is in the ‘early adoption’ phase, but the UK is slightly behind in the ‘innovation’ stage. This is an opportunity for the manufacturers of digital technologies in the UK and Europe to expand their market reach, and we will continue to see the arrival of more new equipment on British shores in the near future for this reason.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Here we start to get into the territory of Christian Coachman – a kind of ‘Photoshop on steroids’ for enhanced treatment planning. Once again, much of the developed world is currently moving into the ‘early adopters’ stage with regards to DSD, while the UK remains in the ‘innovation’ step of the curve. Deployment of the DSD concept may be somewhat slow here at the moment, but it offers huge potential for those who invest.

Digital Marketing

This embraces the lifecycle marketing concept that is now working its way through the dental arena. Following seven proven principles, digital marketing involves attracting new patients, encouraging them to return and encouraging referrals for new business from them. When considering Google, pay-per-click, adwords, search engine optimisation and effective website design, most dentists in the UK are probably towards the top of the curve, moving from ‘early’ to ‘late adopters’. Even the most cantankerous principals now widely accept that a practice website is necessary for the growth of a modern business. When you look at elements such as Facebook advertising, however, most practices will slide back down to the ‘innovation’ stage very quickly. This is a similar story when you consider CRM software, such as that available from InfusionSoft, and automated email marketing.

Don’t break a leg

It is essential for dental practices to look at all three legs of the digital stool in order to successfully adopt the concept and technologies and use them to enhance the patient service provided. This is particularly important for independent practices – corporates and large groups of practices will take more time to innovate and implement the changes needed as they have more management levels to work through. Independent, single practices have the opportunity, therefore, to get ahead of the game and distinguish themselves from the competition.

We at 7connections can provide any bespoke advice or information you might need to make sure you remain at the cutting-edge of dentistry, while also helping you optimise your business for maximum long-term success.


For more information about 7connections and the business coaching opportunities available, please call 01647 478145,

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or visit

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Get THE REVU – Straumann launches NEW digital dental hub

There’s a NEW place to be online as Straumann UK & Ireland announces the launch of its NEW digital dental hub - THE REVU. 

The REVU from Straumann- Digital Dental Hub

With a greater focus towards online interaction within the industry, THE REVU is an exciting and informative multimedia platform designed to bring together everything that unites those within the world of implant dentistry and beyond. 
THE REVU takes a fresh and original approach to blogging and vlogging, delivering the perfect blend of branded and non-branded editorial and video content, covering everything from industry news and marketing to business and education. With a look and feel that replicates a stylish digital magazine, THE REVU is the place to engage, connect and share industry insights, clinical cases and the latest news topics with fellow clinicians, technicians and all those within the dental team.
The world of dentistry is evolving and Straumann’s desire for THE REVU is to work with tomorrow’s dental implant team today. Providing a solid foundation to feature a range of guest bloggers, vloggers and advocates, the site launches with interactive Q&As, scientific reviews and an inside look into one clinician’s journey into implants, plus more.  
Telling a different story every day by bringing new and informative content to the fore in a clear and simple manner, Justin Annett, Straumann’s Head of Marketing and Business Development UK & Ireland, had this to say about THE REVU: “The launch of THE REVU is a fantastic opportunity to transform the way we communicate online. Our aim is to build an online community that embraces not just our company values but all dental professionals connected with implant dentistry too. Taking the leap into digital is courageous but one which we feel continues to keep us at the forefront of both ours and our customers marketing activities.”
Join the conversation, try something new and get THE REVU today via your mobile, tablet or laptop by visiting
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