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Seasonal Stress Busters

Seasonal Stress Busters



The festive season seems to creep up on us every year. You may try to keep it low key, but it all takes up a lot of time, money and effort and often gives way to ‘seasonal stress.’ On the plus side, online shopping has provided a welcome reprieve from parking problems, trudging around crowded shops and standing in long queues. However, less than one in five people actually look forward to shopping for presents during the lead up to the festive season.[i] Added to this, is the worry of absorbing the extra expenditure - it is believed that most families will spend around £800, mostly on food and drink. There is also more pressure to overspend at this time of year and there is an increase in the proportion of people turning to credit to cover the cost of presents and food.[ii]

We all look forward to having the family together and eagerly waiting for everyone to arrive for the celebrations brings great joy. Nevertheless, some family gatherings can easily turn into an airing of grievances and there is always the worry that one relative could become awkward or drunk. These occasions can become exhausting and overwhelming, with festive cheer turning into festive fear for many people.

The pressure of Christmas can just be too much for some and the mental health charity Mind, states that one in four adults feel anxious about social gatherings during the festive period.[iii] It can be a tough time of year for everyone but if one feels under pressure to be sociable, to join in or to be on good form because everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves, social gatherings and parties can be uncomfortable and overpowering.

A lot of people suffer from low self-esteem or lack of confidence and chatting, dancing or getting up close to others is totally off limits for some individuals.

One of the reasons for this is that around 25 per cent of the entire population suffer from halitosis at some point in their lives[iv] and a great many others believe that they have it. In addition, to cope with the pressure directly associated with the festive season, there is a lot more alcohol and comfort food consumed. Some people even turn to smoking in their hours of need as insecurities become intensified. It is little wonder then that while stressed and tired, people might forget or skim over their normal oral health routines and end up with embarrassingly unpleasant smelling breath.

Nine out of ten cases of malodourous breath have an oral cause,[v] which is why dental professionals are ideally placed to help. When delivering instructions to improve oral hygiene levels, you can also recommend CB12 mouthwash to prevent unpleasant breath for up to 12 hours. Used each morning as a daily oral deodorant, this clinically proven formula is quick and easy to use - ideal during the busy holiday season. You could also encourage your patients to carry CB12 boost chewing gum - discreet mouth refreshment to power through any worrying breath inhibitions after meals and on the go.


Save your patients from ‘seasonal stress’ with sound advice and recommendations to bring little more cheer and good health to this time of year.


For more information about CB12 and how it could benefit your patients, please visit



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Making changes - CB12


At mid-life, patients often evaluate their satisfaction, their personal goals, health and lifestyle and go on to make changes for the better. You can help them to review their oral health successfully, by recommending CB12 mouth rinse to empower these changes. 


CB12 has a powerful and unique, patented formula that contains fluoride as well as low concentrations of zinc and chlorhexidine. Not only does it effectively control dental plaque, improve periodontal health and prevent cavities but also, it targets breath odour with the power to boost confidence. 


CB12 does not just mask unpleasant breath but it actually adheres to the tissues of the oral cavity and neutralises malodourous gases for up to 12 hours to ensure first class breath. 


Patients can use CB12 mouth rinse as a daily oral deodorant to reliably ensure fresh breath and confidence that will last all day.


To see how CB12 can support your patients with a powerful and confident oral hygiene routine contact the team now.


For more information about CB12 and how it could benefit your patients, please visit  HYPERLINK "" or to order contact DHB oral healthcare on 0845 601 7086 or


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Brush up on dental hygiene for National Toothache Day 2016

Brush up on dental hygiene for National Toothache Day 2016



Encourage your patients to prioritise their oral health with CB12 mouth rinse.

National Toothache Day is the perfect time to remind patients how important it is to look after their oral health. It serves as a prompt to book a dental check up, buy a new toothbrush, remember oral health instructions and remind them how to avoid painful toothaches.

Prevention is the key and by recommending CB12 mouth rinse as part of a daily oral health routine, you can empower patients with improved oral hygiene standards, fresh breath and confidence.

CB12 mouth rinse has been developed by dentists to provide confident breath for up to 12 hours by neutralising volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs). Its unique formula also contains fluoride to help strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities from developing.

You can grab your patients’ attention with the powerful effects of CB12 and encourage them spend a little more time looking after their teeth and gums - before any dental problems can occur.

See how your patients can benefit from a daily shot of CB12, by contacting the team today.


For more information about CB12 and how it could benefit your patients, please visit

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Fresh Breath for Healthy Living

 Fresh Breath for Healthy Living

Naturally, young people compare their appearance with models, actors and celebrities depicted in advertising and the media. Youngsters also have a tendency to ignore other abilities and focus on appearance as evidence of worthiness. However, there is still much to commend about this generation’s attitudes towards fitness and wellbeing as they lay down the foundations for a healthy life.


In general, the younger generation has a healthy disposition and research conducted over the last decade reveals that an increasing proportion of youngsters eat fruit and vegetables, are physically active on a daily basis, rate their health as excellent, practice safe sex, and live free of tobacco and cannabis.[1] There is also a decline in those that drink alcohol weekly and gym use has increased threefold in a generation. The consequences are that young adults are now more inclined to take regular exercise than people did 30 years ago and 48% of 16-24 year olds use a fitness app on a regular basis.[2] Special diets that focus on organic, lactose and dairy-free foods have trebled in popularity over a generation,[3] but conversely, young adults are placing much less emphasis on their oral health.


According to statistics, the number of people that visited an NHS dentist in England has fallen since 2013.[4] Furthermore, the highest prevalence of decay on the crowns of the teeth was found in adults aged 25 to 34.[5] This would indicate that although young adults seem to be better informed and enthusiastic about their general health and fitness some are neglecting to look after their teeth.


The condition of the teeth significantly affects a person’s appearance and cracked, missing, stained or unhygienic teeth look unhealthy and unattractive. Along with this, untreated dental problems, a build up of plaque and periodontal disease are common causes of oral malodour, which can lead to a lack of confidence and social withdrawal. As we know, the health of the mouth impacts significantly to the general wellbeing of the body and effective oral hygiene is required to preserve it. When speaking to young patients, dental professionals need to reinforce the message and encourage them to take their oral health just as seriously as every other aspect of their fitness.


Along with effective tooth brushing and interdental cleaning, it is wise to recommend a mouth rinse to keep breath smelling fresh. With the hectic lifestyle that many young people lead, CB12 mouth rinse can be used as a convenient daily oral deodorant to prevent bad breath. Just one shot begins working instantly and its unique, patented formula adheres to the tissues of the oral cavity to eliminate unpleasant breath for up to 12 hours. Many of your patients may experience dry mouth during a work out or ‘ketone breath’ if they are following a specific diet but CB12 has the solution. As well as the rinse, CB12 Boost is a sugar free chewing gum that can be used to freshen and invigorate the breath after meals and throughout the day. CB12 products have been developed by dentists and contain specific ingredients to reduce plaque, strengthen teeth and prevent cavities so you can empower young patients to look after their oral health with confidence.


Although the younger generation seem to be very savvy about health and fitness the power is in still your hands. By encouraging your patients to take their oral health seriously with a regular daily routine, you can enrich their lives well into the future.


For more information about CB12 and how it could benefit your patients, please visit


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