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Brush up on dental hygiene for National Toothache Day 2016

Brush up on dental hygiene for National Toothache Day 2016



Encourage your patients to prioritise their oral health with CB12 mouth rinse.

National Toothache Day is the perfect time to remind patients how important it is to look after their oral health. It serves as a prompt to book a dental check up, buy a new toothbrush, remember oral health instructions and remind them how to avoid painful toothaches.

Prevention is the key and by recommending CB12 mouth rinse as part of a daily oral health routine, you can empower patients with improved oral hygiene standards, fresh breath and confidence.

CB12 mouth rinse has been developed by dentists to provide confident breath for up to 12 hours by neutralising volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs). Its unique formula also contains fluoride to help strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities from developing.

You can grab your patients’ attention with the powerful effects of CB12 and encourage them spend a little more time looking after their teeth and gums - before any dental problems can occur.

See how your patients can benefit from a daily shot of CB12, by contacting the team today.


For more information about CB12 and how it could benefit your patients, please visit www.cb12.co.uk

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