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Making changes - CB12


At mid-life, patients often evaluate their satisfaction, their personal goals, health and lifestyle and go on to make changes for the better. You can help them to review their oral health successfully, by recommending CB12 mouth rinse to empower these changes. 


CB12 has a powerful and unique, patented formula that contains fluoride as well as low concentrations of zinc and chlorhexidine. Not only does it effectively control dental plaque, improve periodontal health and prevent cavities but also, it targets breath odour with the power to boost confidence. 


CB12 does not just mask unpleasant breath but it actually adheres to the tissues of the oral cavity and neutralises malodourous gases for up to 12 hours to ensure first class breath. 


Patients can use CB12 mouth rinse as a daily oral deodorant to reliably ensure fresh breath and confidence that will last all day.


To see how CB12 can support your patients with a powerful and confident oral hygiene routine contact the team now.


For more information about CB12 and how it could benefit your patients, please visit  HYPERLINK "" or to order contact DHB oral healthcare on 0845 601 7086 or


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