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Labelling Patients

Labelling Patients

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Julia Easton


Couldn't find these on SOE! My favourite in the days of paper notes was CPITN (complete pain in the neck)
Monday, 17 April 2017 08:41
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Carestream Dental – Here To Make Your Life Easier

Carestream Dental – Here To Make Your Life Easier



Carestream Dental strives to make your everyday life easier with each solution that it brings to the market.

Its latest offering is specifically for Denplan practices, who now benefit from a new integration between the CS R4+ practice management software and the Denplan / PreViser Patient Assessment (DEPPA) tool.

Without requiring a separate log in, you can view previous assessments or start new DEPPA examinations all from the clinical screens in R4+. For the latter, either the appropriate records will be automatically updated or new patient files will be created.

Patients can complete DEPPA questions on an easy-to-use Wacom tablet and receive a print out or an email copy of their examination (which is automatically recorded in the patient’s communication tab).

This new integration is in addition to the previous benefits available to Denplan practices, such as automatic updates on Denplan patients, real-time review of fees paid and information on patients who have moved away but not updated their address at the practice or with Denplan.

To find out more about to fully utilise your CSR4+ software for Denplan patients, contact the friendly team at Carestream Dental today!


For more information please contact Carestream Dental on

0800 169 9692 or visit

For all the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @CarestreamDentl and Facebook

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Join the revolution with Dentally

Join the revolution with Dentally


Ever wished for an intuitive practice management experience? Want software that is updated regularly and supported by real humans that care?

Now is your chance.

Dentally is revolutionising practice management software in the UK.


We offer full practice management in a user friendly package:

-       Streamlined clinical design - customisable tools for charting, treatment planning, perio and BPE. Record medical histories and clinical images.

-       Easy communication and efficient time management - stay in touch with your patients from appointment to post-surgery care.

-       Full integration so you can expand beyond your practice - Financial, iPad, automation, imaging and more!


What’s more is that we offer a human service. Whether it’s training, support or feedback we’re always available at the end of a phone or even directly in-app.



Right now we’re offering a free iPad with every order*.

Dentally for iPad can assist your practice in going paperless.

Patients can fill out medical history forms, review and sign treatment plans whilst reception can check patients in and set medical alerts. Saving valuable time in the practice.



Find out more at and share your details with us for a personalised tour of our software.


*when purchasing a Dentally iPad subscription

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Flagship system solution proves a hit at British Dental Conference.

Flagship system solution proves a hit at British Dental Conference.


For Dentists looking to review their practice management system options at the British Dental Conference this year, it will have been refreshing to meet with a team who were at hand to demonstrate exactly why their flagship system software could make a real and sustainable long term difference to the Practice bottom line.

And it’s no surprise that given their personal, helpful approach and backed by such solid industry knowledge and expertise, founded by a dentist in the 1980’s, that the trained specialists on their stand created a buzz of excitement at the 3 day show.

Driven by a clear and deep understanding of what Dental Practices need from a leading edge intuitive practice management system, their development insight, achieved over nearly thirty years proved a winning hit with visitor interest from far and wide.

Developed on an iterative cycle of research, build, test, launch and review and predicated against totally listening to what Dentists need from the support of a robust and innovative dental practice management system, V6 Dental Practice Management Software presented those interested with a truly integrated and agile solution.

Featuring cutting edge modules, functionality and systems benefits that ranged from go paperless solutions to 24/7 real time online appointment booking, up to the minute management information, and data integrity and security and on-line system back up,  V6 offered everything needed to succeed operationally and streamline practice management.

And it was the company’s aim at the conference that their valued clients and those visitors interested in their system should not only benefit from information on the very latest in leading edge software developments and unparalleled systems support. Not only that, but they were also given the opportunity to gain valuable hands on experience with the very latest available in practise management innovations and technology advances.

And the beckon of a truly unique and supported user and customer experience  wasn’t the only reason why increasing numbers of visitors to the conference chose to take a closer look at Systems for Dentists; The appeal of their Dental Practice Management software was made more attractive by the offer of a fully integrated package of features included within the price, coupled with time, money and efficiency savings end even the option to go paperless, making paper signatures almost a thing of the past with the companies introduction to their peripherals range of Wireless Signature Pads.

As a credible and trusted brand, and with almost thirty years’ experience in systems software development and a profound knowledge of the UK dental software market, dentists looking to make a positive change to their practice management in 2016 could be confident that Systems for Dentists could provide what they needed.

And beyond their exciting range of software solutions and feature rich product options, visitors also discovered an unparalleled level of customer service second to none, ensuring exceptional levels of client support and making the process of transferring to a new system if required both effortless and operationally seamless.

Systems for Dentists offered a warm welcome to visitors who dropped on to their stand at the British Dental Conference, 26-28 May 2016.


For further information contact:

Nathan Ross at Systems for Dentists on

Direct line: 0845 643 2828

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Dentistry Right Here, Right Now

Dentistry Right Here, Right Now

A key defining factor of life today is that we’re all connected in ways our forefathers were not. The Truman show film released in 1998, depicted the world in an unfamiliar, fantastic way, which is what made the subject matter so intriguing. However, are we really that far away from that fantasy world today? We may not be being watched in our own homes 24/7 but we are just a click, a text, a tweet or a Skype call away from anyone we choose to connect with, anywhere in the world, at any time.


Technology, coupled with a social media explosion has meant that real time information is no longer a figment of our over active imaginations, it’s here and constantly developing. Everyday, live data is served up in many guises via digital applications covering diet and fitness through to bus timetables. Many businesses are recognising the endless benefits of capturing this kind of data. Online news sites can post two headlines for the same feature, monitor the interest generated and within minutes discard the less popular, optimising their online hits. They stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive environment by not only communicating to readers in real time but by enhancing the product  (editors receive immediate data and respond accordingly).


Dental practices accessing live data can reap similar benefits in terms of workflow and profitability. In 2009, the British Dental Association ran a survey to calculate the amount of hours lost for practices by Failures to Attend (FTA). It recorded an average of 81 hours per dentist over the year, with an astounding rise to an average of 111 hours where those practices had no reminder system in place[i]. This is equivalent to three weeks of back-to-back treatments so can any practice afford to ignore appointment management?


There is now software available offering the continual stream of information and communication between your practice and patient base. This fully automated system takes care of appointment fixing, credit card processing, and crucially, reminding patients to attend. Covering the four focal points of chair occupancy, treatment planning, appointment confirmation and patient recare, this real-time information helps to monitor and manage appointments efficiently. Staff are then free to instantly respond to situations as they occur, keeping schedules at optimum efficiency.


Carestream Dental can provide this real time data via the new fully automated Springboard feature of the CS R4+ practice management software. Because the system immediately undertakes time-consuming administration, Springboard enables a continual, fluid workflow. In return, resources and skills are applied to the areas where they’re required where they’re most needed – attending to patients.


For more information, contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit

For all the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @CarestreamDentl and Facebook 



[i] BDA Policy and Research – Fail to Attend Research, December 2010 (Accessed 9th June, 2015)


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Working hours today - how does it effect the appointment system?

Working hours today - how does it effect the appointment system

In the UK, there a number of people who are contracted to do unsociable hours with estimations from the Labour Force Survey in 2005 showing 3.6 million in shift work employment.1 Indeed, with many working in healthcare, manufacturing, transport, communications and hospitality professions, nine to five is no longer considered to be the norm.


With reports showing a decline in nightshifts and the three-day working pattern, it appears that emergence of ‘other types of shift work’ is on the rise highlighting the constant change that workers face.2


Finding the time

Because of the erratic and unpredictable patterns that shift work brings, it can therefore be difficult for people to arrange and attend much needed or emergency appointments.


In comparison to fixed contracts, which specify pre-arranged working days, shift work rotas are subject to change and can often not be distributed to staff until the last minute. As you would expect, booking an appointment in advance can become a seemingly impossible task.


What’s more, because employers are not required by law to allow workers to attend medical and dental appointments in work time,3 booking an appointment without a definite rota is out of the question, unless annual leave is approved for that specific time.


The toll on oral health

Not only does working unsociable hours and shift work have an effect on the convenience of booking an appointment, it could also create or contribute to medical and oral health problems.


Although there is insufficient research specifically on the topic of oral health in patients who work these hours, there is some evidence to suggest that it can be damaging to a person’s general health and wellbeing. As well as affecting sleep, weight and increasing the chance of diabetes, studies have shown a link between shift work and increased cardiovascular morbidity.4


The solution

Making appointments more accessible and offering online booking will encourage the general and oral health of shift workers. The current system has many flaws including busy phone lines, lack of out-of-hours options and limited choice of appointment times.


In comparison, online booking is flexible and transparent, offering 24/7 access to available appointments. A quick, easy-to-use and stress free alternative, online platforms such as Zesty offer a solution to those who work unsociable hours.


If you want to streamline your practice, optimise your surgery time and allow patients who do shift work to access services, contact Zesty today.


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. visit or call 02037717799 for more details today



1 Unite guide to shift work and night work – a health and safety issue for unite members. Revised October 2013. Accessed online 24th July 2015.

2 Changes in shift work patterns over the last ten years (1999 – 2009). Prepared by Office for National Statistics for the Health and Safety Executive 2011. Accessed online 6th August 2015

3 Advice Guide. Citizens advice bureau. Accessed online 24th July 2015

4 Europe Published Central. Shift work and health – a critical review of the literature on working hours. J.M Harrington. Accessed online 24th July 2015


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Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg

Representing the very latest in dental practice management software is the CS R4+ from Carestream Dental featuring Springboard.


Operating in real-time, the intuitive software delivers live data on key KPIs so you know exactly how your business is performing at any given time. At a glance you’ll better understand your practice’s chair occupancy, treatment pan uptake rate, appointment confirmations and effectiveness of recare programmes in place.


The CS R4+ can be easily and fully integrated with any imaging or patient communication programmes and technologies you employ, so that a smooth and seamless workflow can be enjoyed by all members of the team. Popular solutions from Carestream Dental include the eSignatures module, Appointmentor Online Booking System, Text Messaging Service and AutoPost, each optimising security and convenience for both patients and professionals.


The team at Carestream Dental are also committed to the business corporate programme, eXceed, so you can trust in the high standard of service and support you will receive with any and all new innovations.


Discover the CS R4+ practice management software and all its benefits for yourself today.


For more information, contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit

For all the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @CarestreamDentl and Facebook 

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Dental Practices go 24/7 with the launch of Virtual Reception from Systems for Dentists

Dental Practices go 24/7 with the launch of Virtual Reception from Systems for Dentists


Forward thinking Dental Practices in the UK looking to simulate an “open all hours” reception service to their patients through clever advancements in practice management system technologies will now be able to achieve their ambition.

Thanks to a revolutionary approach and the latest developments from the pioneering software development team at Systems for Dentists, 24/7, 365 days a year access for patients is now a practical reality.

Made possible by bringing to market e-based development solutions as an extension of their existing successful Dental Practice Management software services, Dental Practices in the UK who run V6 Practice Management from Systems for Dentists, or switch to the system in the future will be able to radically improve their accessibility in the dental market place to patients through Virtual Reception, offering the very latest in on line access and real time technologies.

And dental practices looking to adopt an open door approach through the new on line patient portal will be able to look forward to being accessible on line – 24/7, improving their patients’ experience, making cost savings, driving up profits and achieving even greater operational efficiencies.

Virtual Reception, as part of V6 Dental Practice Management System is set to open up a host of benefits for busy dental surgeries looking to take an innovative lead through the simplicity of open door reception access through the clever portal to patients in their care;

The attractiveness for dental receptions always being able to be “accessible” through the arrival of on-line booking functionality, with patients able to book, move, cancel and view their own appointment information for instance is just one feature sure to be a popular and welcome benefit where convenience and avoiding missed appointments is concerned for all.

Two way communication at the click of a button and instant self-service functionality means patients will be able to review consent forms, post-operative care and estimates, amongst a plethora of other hosted information. And with timely access to personal records, data and treatment images, as granted by the Practice, the new portal offers a more effective and open exchange between Practices and their patients leading to an enhanced customer experience.

Add to this patient’s ability to pay for treatment in an instant via an embedded secure payment gateway, reductions in practice administration, cost savings in resourcing and reductions in printing costs through forms being available for completion on line  and practitioners will be quick to see why “Virtual Reception” makes complete commercial sense.

And its not only dental practices, but the patients in their care who can also enjoy and look forward to a whole array of fantastic benefits;

Through the portal, patients will be able to gain access 24/7 to review and amend their own dental appointments on-line, synchronise these with electronic calendars, complete mandatory information on line instead of having to fill in time consuming paper work and forms at their surgery.

Other features mean they can also be amongst the first to review the latest marketing offers and event share tweets relating to their practice, depending on the range of functional enhancements their dental practice is offering through its portal interface.

And Managing Director of Systems for Dentists,  Ryszard Jurowski is absolutely delighted to be at the very forefront of the practise management development curve;

“Having listened to our customers very carefully, we were quick to identify and understand the critical importance of communication, driving efficiencies and bringing to market development solutions to meet the operational and commercial needs of UK Dentists.

The development of Virtual Reception is just one of the innovations we are delivering to ensure we stay at the touchpoint of our relationship with our client base and respond to opportunities and the demands of our marketplace”

“We are confident that the investments we are continuing to make and the potential that Virtual Reception offers to market will continue to act as a catalyst for growth and for shaping emerging future technologies in the UK dental market”


For further information  contact:

Sam Clarke at Systems for Dentists on

Direct line ; 0845 643 2828

Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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