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Dentistry Right Here, Right Now

Dentistry Right Here, Right Now

A key defining factor of life today is that we’re all connected in ways our forefathers were not. The Truman show film released in 1998, depicted the world in an unfamiliar, fantastic way, which is what made the subject matter so intriguing. However, are we really that far away from that fantasy world today? We may not be being watched in our own homes 24/7 but we are just a click, a text, a tweet or a Skype call away from anyone we choose to connect with, anywhere in the world, at any time.


Technology, coupled with a social media explosion has meant that real time information is no longer a figment of our over active imaginations, it’s here and constantly developing. Everyday, live data is served up in many guises via digital applications covering diet and fitness through to bus timetables. Many businesses are recognising the endless benefits of capturing this kind of data. Online news sites can post two headlines for the same feature, monitor the interest generated and within minutes discard the less popular, optimising their online hits. They stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive environment by not only communicating to readers in real time but by enhancing the product  (editors receive immediate data and respond accordingly).


Dental practices accessing live data can reap similar benefits in terms of workflow and profitability. In 2009, the British Dental Association ran a survey to calculate the amount of hours lost for practices by Failures to Attend (FTA). It recorded an average of 81 hours per dentist over the year, with an astounding rise to an average of 111 hours where those practices had no reminder system in place[i]. This is equivalent to three weeks of back-to-back treatments so can any practice afford to ignore appointment management?


There is now software available offering the continual stream of information and communication between your practice and patient base. This fully automated system takes care of appointment fixing, credit card processing, and crucially, reminding patients to attend. Covering the four focal points of chair occupancy, treatment planning, appointment confirmation and patient recare, this real-time information helps to monitor and manage appointments efficiently. Staff are then free to instantly respond to situations as they occur, keeping schedules at optimum efficiency.


Carestream Dental can provide this real time data via the new fully automated Springboard feature of the CS R4+ practice management software. Because the system immediately undertakes time-consuming administration, Springboard enables a continual, fluid workflow. In return, resources and skills are applied to the areas where they’re required where they’re most needed – attending to patients.


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[i] BDA Policy and Research – Fail to Attend Research, December 2010 https://www.bda.org/dentists/policy-campaigns/research/workforce-finance/gp/Documents/failure_to_attend_research_2010.pdf (Accessed 9th June, 2015)


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