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Did you see the recent CQC report???!!!!! Apparently, nine out of ten general dental practices are offering safe and effective care and treatment!!!! Try making a so-called joke out of that Jimmy Carr, and your full complement of ten cats. This is what we all knew, and it’s a big slaperoomi in the eye for the ‘caped crusaders’ at the Dental Law Cartel. By the way, self-appointed dental litigation lawyers - now you’re redundant, why not go chase ambulances at the chiropody clinics, or get an honest job? COWBOYS!!!!!!


Their recent report blatantly admits that ONE IN TEN dental practices don’t cut the mustard and either require action or enforcement action!!!!!!!! So what are the CQC doing about it????!!!! I know what they are doing, they are sitting on their fat pen-pushing behinds waiting for their big fat Government pensions to fall in their chunky laps. In the meantime, the valiant fighters for justice at the Dental Law Cartel are slogging their guts out to try and keep the great British public safe from charlatans and cost-cutting corporates. God Bless Yer, legal angels!!!!!


A Dental Protection survey has revealed that NINE OUT OF TEN DENTISTS fear being sued by patients. Try making a joke out that, so-called Jimmy Carr and your ten sick cats. It’s no wonder that dentists fear grubby dental lawyers. They work under enormous pressures and have to abide by every namby-pamby nanny-state safety regulation under the sun. On top of that, IN THEIR OWN SURGERIES, they are trolled by commercial radio adverts for the Dental Law Mafia begging them to sue the woman or man treating them!!!!!! It’s time the law clamped down on these vile legal bullies and stood up for the fine members of the dental profession!!!!


90% of UK dentists are apparently bleating about how they are scared at being sued. Well if they did their jobs properly, they wouldn’t have to hide under the duvet would they????!!!!! A QUARTER of them say their fear affects the way they practice and a big chunk of them say it has resulted in them making more referrals. Why not pass the buck why don’t you. WIMPS!!!!!! So if the performance of these cissy dentists is being compromised, it’s a good job we have the brave men and women of the Dental Law Posse watching over them, waiting to pounce on the slightest mistake. HATS OFF TO YER, DLP. LEGAL SUPERHEROES ONE AND ALL!!!!!!

AT LAST!!!!!!

The UK Government’s Health and Social Care Committee has said antimicrobial resistance needs to be established as a ‘top policy priority.’ ABOUT TIME!!!!!!! The UK’s prescribing levels are DOUBLE those for the Baltics. Lazy dentists who couldn’t be bothered getting a blade out are leading to antibiotic resistance and worldwide catastrophe. If you are afraid of pus, you shouldn’t be in the profession. Why not take up hairdressing instead?????!!!!!!


SO!!!! HOLD YOUR BREATH!!!!! Sometime soon, there will be restrictions imposed on dentists with regard to their prescribing antibiotics, mark my words. For years dentists have been accused of contributing to antibiotic resistance, whereas they are about the only profession which almost exclusively deals with bacterial infections. What about sclerosed root canals, so-called Social Care Committee????? Do you even know what that is? What about infected jaws that make local anaesthetic ineffective???? Do you even know what a JAW is?????? I doubt it very much. Why not stick to what you are best at, solving the elderly care situation….NOT!!!!!!! Do you want sepsis in corporate waiting rooms? NO!!!! I think not. Corporate waiting rooms are bad enough already LOL!!!!!!!!!


The poor GDC comes in for some nuclear-level stick most of the time, but surely the fact they have kept the Annual Retention Fee down to a very reasonable £890 again for 2019, must indicate their hearts are in the right place. It can’t be easy collecting all those names, putting them in order, keeping a register AND putting them online. I mean, the poor dears must be knackered. And if all those naughty dentists kept their fingers out of the NHS tills and instead, kept them wrapped around BPE probes (whatever THEY are!!!!), the GDC wouldn’t need all that money to prosecute them. I say, HIP HIP HOORAY for 37 Wimpole Street!!!!!!!


Once again, the unscrupulous extortionists at the General Dental Council are bleeding the dental profession dry with yet another outrageous demand for nearly a thousand pounds for the simple task of typing a name onto a webpage. I mean, HOW much would that ACTUALLY cost? I mean, they must use some REALLY expensive fonts!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! If the GDC stopped pursuing innocent dentists at the drop of a hat, they could bring the cost down to 2000 levels. Lucky dentists back then only had to pay £135 per year, but that WAS in the days before patients turned nasty and it was still ok to boil your instruments in a saucepan. Just imagine how many Tefal’s you could buy with £890!!!!!!

◼WELL I NEVER?????!!!!!!

It’s a good job we have a fine body of dental surgeons around to protect us. They have discovered that the acid, sugar and bubbles in prosecco is ruining our teeth without us knowing, and I blame the European Union. A rebel band of Italian farmers have been whining (WINING – GEDDIT???) about the fact that prosecco sales have dropped by 7% this year and they blame our home-grown, hard-working dentists for it. You can whinge all you like Luigi, we aren’t going to swallow any more of your toxic potion. We want to hang on to our teeth, as well as our sovereignty. GOD BLESS YER, JACOB REES-MOGG!!!!!!!!!!


SO, dentists have now been exposed as the culprits behind us losing the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing glass of prosecco!!!! British dentists say that the acid and sugar in the glass of gold is dissolving our teeth!!!!! What UTTER RUBBISH!!!!!! These nanny-state drones are even proclaiming that the BUBBLES in prosecco is leading to enamel erosion and sensitivity. How uptight can you get???? I am sick and tired of the elf and safety lot trying to dictate what we can eat and drink. If I want to chew bubbles, then I will chew bubbles, Dr Dentist, no matter WHAT you say!!!!


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