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Sparkling Resuts!

Sparkling Resuts!



NSK proudly supports numerous educational courses across the UK and Ireland, including the Perio with Deepak events.

Perio with Deepak aims to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge required to offer patients the most effective periodontal therapy. These courses enable dental professionals to understand and manage periodontal conditions through a combination of prevention, maintenance and treatment methods.

The most popular course is the 3-day Masterclass in Periodontal Disease Treatment and Management. Designed for dentists, dental therapists and hygienists, this course covers three phases:

  • Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy – providing delegates with a comprehensive knowledge of periodontal disease management using non-surgical periodontal therapy (NSPT) within a primary setting;
  • Treating and Maintaining Periodontal Disease – a hands-on day teaching planning and managing periodontal treatment after non-surgical procedures, focussing on ultrasonic scaling and air polishing.
  • Implementing Ideas and Profitable Periodontics – exploring the rationale behind evidence-based procedures, care pathways, better patient care and ethical selling of periodontal treatment.

During the course all delegates have the opportunity to use the latest NSK Varios 970 iPiezo ultrasonic scaler. With a range of over 70 tips, the Varios 970 is the ideal choice for perio, endo and scaling treatment or where minimal intervention is required.

Remaining events for 2017:

London 4-6 Aug 2017

London 18-20 Aug 2017

Nuneaton15-17 Sept 2017

Look online for full course content, aims & objectives, start/finish times, venue details etc. http://www.periowithdeepak.com/courses/master-class/

For more information on NSK’s scaling devices, visit www.mynskoralhygiene.co.uk or contact NSK on 0800 634 1909.



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