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Technology and education: Improving patient care - Dr Amit Patel and Donna Schembri

Technology and education: Improving patient care

Speaking at EuroPerio8 on Thursday June 4th, Dr Amit Patel and Donna Schembri explored the concept of ‘Seeing the Unseen’ - Utilising Fluorescent Technology for Optimal Periodontal Care.


With the two speakers covering the subjects of diagnosis, communication and the treatment of periodontal disease and peri-implantitis, the message was clear: innovation changes products and progress changes behaviours.


Studies have shown that 40 - 80% of information is forgotten immediately by patients[i]. Donna therefore noted that if you want your patients to be better informed about periodontal disease, you need to find better ways to enhance their understanding. By replacing dental jargon with emotive wording and replacing negative and daunting connotations of treatment with positivity, this has the potential to empower and motivate your patients - increasing your chance of success and improving overall patient care.


With comfort and increased effectiveness at the forefront of innovation, Donna and Amit firmly believe that by using the right technology and products you can minimise the presence of plaque on teeth and dental implants: achieving the ultimate goal of tooth loss prevention.


Using photos and videos for examples, the fluorescence protocol was put to the test with demonstrations of how pioneering products can be utilised to treat and maintain periodontal disease effectively. Both speakers also highlighted the need for

continued focus on educating patients about the differences between supragingival cleaning, subgingival cleaning, root planning, use of medication and x-ray and follow up treatment. They need to be informed of the benefits of prophylaxis as well; those being tartar removal, aesthetics and fresher breath.


Examples of cutting-edge products mentioned included Acteon’s Newtron P5xs ultrasonic generator, the Air n Go easy airpolisher and the Soprocare - which utilises state of the art photonics technologies. With products like these, patients can reap the benefits of accurate detection, quick visual follow up, comfort, oral hygiene education and complete removal of plaque and stains with minimally invasive treatment.


As the question and answering session post lecture depicted, the main concerns highlighted among professionals included patient’s lack of understanding. “It is a relationship,” Dr Amit Patel explained, “Give them the tools to do it themselves and lead them in the right direction.”


It would seem then that the answer to better patient care is twofold: improve patient understanding and rapport to empower patients to look after themselves and utilise technology to see better and treat faster.


On Saturday June 6th, Ziv Mazor examined the concept of Minimal Invasive Surgery Utilizing Piezo Surgical Device - Optimizing Biological and Functional Outcome in the Posterior Maxilla, once again sponsored by Acteon.


In order to explore invasive surgery, Mazor first identified potential obstacles that can occur during treatment.


He noted that implant placement in the atrophic posterior maxilla often causes complications due to the quality and volume of the bone that is available. With the height and width of the residual ridge being affected by post-extraction resorption patterns, physical trauma, periodontal disease and pneumatisation of the sinus, he highlighted that longer and wider implants are needed to enhance long-term survival.


Research points towards infected sockets being the most common cause of post-extraction complications, with a study showing a percentage of 48.7. Bleeding sockets came second with 41% and retained roots caused 10.3% of problems[ii].

Recent innovation in this area highlights that trauma to the tissues and the underling bone can be eliminated, minimising both the procedure time and post-operative complications.


With sinus lifts and osteotome techniques often being associated with higher morbidity rates and complication risks, technological advances are a revelation in achieving a reduced risk and high standard of patient care.


Mazor went on to suggest that with the use of reliable, powerful and simple products such as Piezotome® ultrasonic surgery unit from Acteon, there are fewer complications and emphasis can be instead placed on the application of autologous growth factors. By utilising the sinus lift balloon technique, patients can also benefit from the reduction of risk to damage of the Schneiderian membrane. An example of this product is the Sinus Lift Kit by Acteon, which offers the practitioner a straightforward and safe answer to the sinus lift operation.


The point of this lecture was clear: in reducing complications with the aid of innovative technology, ultimate function of patient dentition can be reached in a shorter time period and risk-free way.


Thus there is a noticeable change in the direction of periodontology. The products that are being developed are innovative and effective not just because of what they can do for professionals, but also for how they engage and empower the patient.


For more information on products available email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 01603 227019 or visit www.acteongroup.com


[i] Patient’s memory for medical information. Journal Of The Royal Society Of Medicine. Roy PC Kessels. May 2003; 96 (5): 219-222.

Accessed 5th May 2015 on www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmc539473/

[ii] Post-extraction complications seen at a referral dental clinic in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. International Dental Journal. Volume 51, Issue 4, Pages 273-276, August 2001. Elison Simon and Dr. Mecky Matee. Article accessed online on June 5th 2015. Onlinelibrary.wiley.com.doi.10.1002/j.1875-595x.2001.tb00837.x/abstract.


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