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Making an excellent impression

3M Espe Impregum Pente


Dr Adyl Asani, principal dentist at TwentyOne Dental Clinic in Hove, has been using Impregum Impression Materials from 3M ESPE for over 15 years. “As far as I am concerned, it is the most superior impression material on the market,” he says. “I use it for all my indirect restorations and implant work.

“Currently, I am using Impregum Penta because I feel it reproduces the detail I need in my indirect preparations most accurately. Of course, I have used a variety of other impression materials over the course of my career, though none have provided me with the stability, accuracy and level of detail that Impregum has.

“It has ideal flow properties which means I can ensure the first impression I take is the only one I need. The flowability reproduces even the most minor details and the hydrophilic properties exhibited by Impregum guarantee excellent accuracy every time. In addition, I don’t experience drags or airblows in my impressions.”

Dr Asani uses the Pentamix Automatic Mixing Unit from 3M ESPE to ensure an efficient process. “It allows ease of mixing and handling,” he says. “Messy hand-mixing is now something from a bygone age.

“While the setting time of the Impregum is slightly longer than others, my patients readily accept that if I am to give them extremely accurate and stable restorations, a couple of extra minutes in their mouth is insignificant.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Impregum to other practitioners if they are looking to provide their patients with the best possible accuracy and marginal fit of their indirect restorations.”

Discover the qualities of Impregum Penta Impression Material and the Pentamix Automatic Mixing Unit from 3M ESPE for yourself today.


For more information, call 0845 602 5094 or visit www.3Mespe.co.uk


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