Thank you! An excellent response from practices asking to trial the NSK iClave mini

Thank you! An excellent response from practices asking to trial the NSK iClave mini

NSK recently offered GDPUK users a trial of their new autoclave - https://www.gdpuk.com/resources/professional-services/entry/1503-would-you-like-to-trial-a-state-of-the-art-autoclave


Practices are now in the process of being notified if they’ve been selected to trial the NSK iClave mini, which will be delivered to them shortly. Over the next two months we will keep you updated with the progress these practices are making and at the end of the trial we will publish a roundup of the feedback we have received.


We are confident the trial practices will find the NSK iClave mini really useful as it is the perfect handpiece autoclave and is small enough to fit even the smallest decontamination area. Complying with Europe’s Class S sterilisation standard, the iClave mini sterilises even the invisible parts of handpieces, and with a footprint approximately the size of an A4 piece of paper the iClave mini fits into the smallest space possible.


The iClave mini delivers up to 12 ‘dry’ handpieces in less that 12 minutes using direct-heating technology. This is coupled with a sophisticated design of the control panel and excellent visibility, with ease of use and day-to-day maintenance in mind.


The NSK iClave mini:

·         Small enough to fit in the smallest spaces

·         Effective sterilisation for hollow instruments

·         Fast and compact but with large capacity

·         User-friendly and easy to operate

·         Perfect solution for quick handpiece turnaround


The NSK iClave mini is small enough to use anywhere!


If you would like more information about NSK’s care and maintenance range contact Mark Beckwith on 07900 246529 or visit www.nsk-uk.com




Twitter: @NSK_UK

Facebook: NSK UK Ltd

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