AppointMentor and Toothpick join forces

AppointMentor and Toothpick join forces

The UK's largest dentist finder website, www.toothpick.com is pleased to announce a partnership with the UK's leading online bookings system AppointMentor (a service of Welltime Ltd). This joint approach will enable dental practices using iSmile Dental Software to automatically publish the free appointment times they wish to promote to new patients on www.toothpick.com as well as enabling existing patients to book appointments from the practices' own websites using AppointMentor.

With a real need for dental practices to remain competitive and accessible to patients online, this partnership signals the opportunity for thousands more dental practices to be a step closer to achieving this goal.

Toothpick and AppointMentor currently list around 1 in 6 high street dentists, steadily building more local appointment supply for the 30 million British people who have not seen a dentist in the last 2 years.  With significant growth in demand for cosmetic dentistry as the economy strengthens, being visible online and removing the barriers for new patients to access high quality dentistry underlies the benefits of the new service this collaboration will provide.

Sandeep Senghera, Founder and CEO of Toothpick added: "Dental practice receptionists are very busy and being able automatically display their free appointments means new patients are the first to see when a slot becomes free. In turn dentists are happier and practice owners can build their business 24/7 - which is critical to all businesses who want to stay competitive today."

Mubbasher Khanzada, Founder and CEO of AppointMentor commented: "Patients are more discerning nowadays, they want top quality service and want it now. They expect to be facilitated according to their lifestyles and that's where online booking with anytime, anywhere, any device capability helps patients and practices both, creating a win-win situation. With intelligent solutions like appointmentor.com available today, service providers who are able to adapt according to patient lifestyles would attract and retain customers in order to grow."

Mohammed Q. Anwar, Marketing Director at iSmile Dental Software commented: "This collaboration is great news for our clients. It opens up a coveted revenue stream with Toothpick's proven online lead generation promise and AppointMentor's best in class online booking system."

If dentists wish to learn more they can contact Toothpick on 0207 193 7043 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or AppointMentor on 0203 664 6537 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.welltime.co.uk), or iSmile on 0845 468 1287(www.ismiledental.co.uk).

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Patients embrace online booking services

As a digital company, we are always interested in digital innovations and improved efficiency, especially in the dental sector. One area of dentistry that this is particularly apparent, is in the booking of dental appointments online. Although this is a relatively new sector, there are a number of companies who are improving access, customer service and ease for patients.

Toothpick who are one of the leaders of this revolution, shared some amazing numbers from 2014, which they have given us permission to share. The infograph below gives a great indication of the growth of the sector, can dental practices afford to miss out on offering this service?

A few stats that caught our attention:-

  • The fastest time from booking to seeing a dentist was 23 minutes
  • 56 per cent of bookings were made in evenings and weekends
  • Peak booking time for appointments is Monday and Tuesday mornings, when a booking is received every 30 seconds!
  • Over 60 per cent of visitors to Toothpicks website are accessing via a mobile device

We believe this sector will continue to grow over the next few years. Dentists are always looking for new ways to gain patients and offering 24hr online booking seems a great way of doing this. The general public are increasingly familiar with doing many things online, so why should booking a dental appointment be any different? The service seems to benefit all involved. The continued growth of smartphone usage, plus the introduction of dental practice apps or mobile webpages will also fuel the growth of this sector in 2015.

It will be interesting to see how this sector evolves over the next few years but our suspicion is that it will soon be an expected feature on the majority of dental practice websites, mobile sites or apps. 

Please enjoy looking at the infograph and you can find some further information on Toothpick below. 




Toothpick launched in the UK in 2013. Since then, one million people have used our booking technology and we've passed £17M worth of dentistry to our practices. We're leading the way in bringing medical bookings online, with over 50 per cent of appointments booked outside of our dental practices' opening hours, and 60 per cent via mobile devices.
Toothpick is now being rolled out in Holland, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.


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