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Adding value for you - James Murray | The Dental Directory

Adding value for you - James Murray | The Dental Directory

As a provider of dental care and treatment, the quality of service you deliver is of paramount importance to your patients, and by extension, to the success of your practice. You strive every day to meet the ever-growing and sometimes complex demands of your patients, using your skills and facilities to work closely with them and tailor your service to their needs.


This involves listening carefully to patient concerns and offering bespoke advice and guidance to support them, helping them overcome their problems while being as accessible as possible, and centring all treatment and services around them. Perceiving your patients as individuals with unique personality traits, characteristics and needs underpins the trusting and respectful relationships at the core of your business.


A UK independent dealer for UK independent providers

For the past 44 years, The Dental Directory has been dedicated to nurturing its customer relationships with the same ethos at its heart; focusing on your business as a unique entity. Known within the UK dental industry for its high quality customer service, The Dental Directory has evolved with the profession to help you meet the demands of increasing regulation and rising patient expectations.


Today, The Dental Directory works closely with some of the modern dental corporates (constituting 10% of their customer-base) but the team retains the same ethos it always has and remains as committed as ever to supporting independent practices around the UK. Your local representative is easy to reach whenever you have a question or require support, and those in management roles are also contactable should you wish to speak to them directly. Each and every customer receives a service tailored to their individual needs, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship where practices have access to top-of-the-range products and services at affordable prices.


Only the highest quality

The truly dedicated full service dental dealer is committed to providing only the highest quality of products and technologies, offering an array of globally leading brands to help your practice streamline its daily processes and enhance clinical outcomes. From cutting-edge CAD/CAM technologies to leading endodontic instruments, handpieces, consumables and facial aesthetic products, the full portfolio is sure to provide everything you may need. What’s more, with 99% of all orders made in 2014 dispatched the same day, you can be confident to receive the fast and efficient service you need.


Increasing value

As The Dental Directory continues to evolve with the changing tide of dentistry, it looks forward to advancing with you to the next level. With the customer as its focal point, the company hopes to expand the services available. The Dental Directory already collaborates with DBG to bring you a spectrum of training, CQC support and equipment maintenance opportunities, adding value for you and your practice. Building on the success of these, The Dental Directory will continue its quest to identify problems faced by professionals and provide an effective solution.


True both of the products and additional services available, the company is committed to offering tools that will simplify your daily practice processes for the enhancement of your dental care provision and ultimately the profitability of your business. Working in collaboration with the manufacturing teams at Unodent, we continue to enthusiastically endorse these high end products and offer the full range at affordable prices. In addition, you can rest assured that all data is stored with stringent safety and security protocols in place, ensuring your information is always kept private.


Sharing your passion

The team at The Dental Directory understands and shares your passion for clinical excellence and efficient business strategies. Delivering the solutions you need, when you need them, trust The Dental Directory to provide the support your practice needs to truly excel.



For more information on the innovations and services available form The Dental Directory, please call 0800 585 586, or visit



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Are you Independent?

Are you Independent?

Welcome back from the long weekend, now just a few weeks to run and you can all zip off to the sun again  smiley


Monday  was perhaps the new Independence Day, as the Euro results poured in. I worry that this word 'Independence' is being politically hijacked


So:   Are you independent of mind and decision? Really?  Truly?


The EU elections this weekend have thrown three major GDPUK topics into a shaft of light.

Those of you who gaze from a distance at the sheer energy of some of our more vocal members will have notice three threads of great length. One touching on that supposedly untouchable subject, matters of belief and faith, while another has been exploring the issue of the Scottish vote on Independence due to take place later this year. 

Combined with the now famous histrionics of the orthodontic thread, you would be forgiven for having pressed the ‘snooze’ button.


So wake up at the back.   I want you to answer a question for yourself.  What does being independent mean to you?


Mr Farage is celebrating scoring some points in what is normally a three horse race, by arguing for the UK’s independence, and arguing against the £12Bn net spend to the EU every year.

As dentists, we pride ourselves on being independent – in practice, in thought and in action.

Ask 10 dentists a question to which the answer is Yes or No and you will get 20 different answers.


But are we independent? Really? Truly?  Where is the fine line between that and bloody mindedness?


If you practice under Government funding in any of the 4 parts of the UK, do you really feel independent? Or are you reluctantly beholden to how someone else wants you to help and practice dentistry for your patients against your better instinct??

If you are in private practice, are you one of those for whom the next big case is always the one to clear the overdraft?  Therefore you are always on the lookout for some poor soul to benefit from your great skills? Or perhaps you feel you cannot practice good dentistry because of a limited private capitation funding stream not of your making?

We even have this long abused concept of Independent Practice, as though “Private Practice” could be rude and insulting perhaps?  Will the BDA rinse that off for the next batch of unknown NHS England contract changes, I wonder?

Perhaps independence of thought and action is actually impossible without feeling pressurised or being selfish.


Cooperation over independence?


What dentists are masters at is cooperative action.  We run or work within highly efficient micro businesses and at a moments notice we can adapt and cooperate with whomsoever requires our skills and time.  The CQC roll into town – we change and adapt.  A patient arrives – we change and adapt.  New staff requirements develop - we change and adapt.

Long may this be the case because with EU and Scotland and a General Election, the next 18 months are going to be interesting.

That old French phrase has come to life.  Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Strangely while everything around you seems to be up in the air, it takes a very strong sense of independent spirit to simply wind the windows shut and focus on your patient needs with one hand while with the other you change and adapt

So that’s why four-handed dentists have developed !!


May your June be flaming. Ta-rah for now, fellow enamel warriors

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