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Part 7: Affordability

Part 7: Affordability



Compared to TV or print ads, online ads are still relatively low-cost for companies who are looking to reach their desired market.

Additionally, online advertising tools give you the ability to lower your budget or even stop your campaign within a few seconds. Print or TV operates on contract basis, and when you are in a contract, things are not always as flexible.

Because you are spending less with online ads and have the flexibility to reduce costs or spend more instantly, advertising online gives you a loads of options for your marketing campaign.

With the added flexibility that online ads provide, the amount of options you suddenly have are a huge advantage. The ability to publish a number of ads at once, or change the ad as often as you want is a huge advantage. This flexibility is all part of the package and therefore the costs don’t rise. If you advertise on a billboard or in print, you can’t adapt your message instantly and you certainly can’t change the message as you go along.

According to this article on whether online advertising is expensive, which I have to say does go off some generalisations and is US centric they sum up their article with the following statement:- “Offline, traditional marketing costs an average of $22.00 per impression as opposed to $3.45 per impression with online marketing.”

Online advertising reflects modern society in being instant, flexible and results driven! If you are looking for value in your marketing, you have to be looking online.

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