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GDPUK Forum Facebook page - give us a Like!

GDPUK Forum Facebook page - give us a Like!


We have recently created a Facebook page for GDPUK, where we aim to publish news, blogs, articles and forum posts which are focused on UK Dentistry. We realise the creation of this page is a number of years late but it is better late than never!


Like all digital publishers, we use social media extensively to share articles and blogs. The GDPUK Forum facebook page will be another medium we will use to share our opinion and information on all things Dental.


You will find the Facebook page here -

If you are interested in having the latest dental news from GDPUK appear on your Facebook newsfeed please “like” the page.

We will continue to update and improve the page as much as we can.

Please share this page with friends and dental colleagues. Basically anyone you believe would be interested in reading dental news....

The GDPUK forum remains free to join, you can register here.

Thanks for your help and sharing the message with the whole UK dental community.

Cheers :)

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