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20,000 Forum Topics!

20,000 Forum Topics!


Today we are proud to have reached 20,000 topics created on the GDPUK Forum since mid-2008. An incredible achievement from all involved. Thanks everyone for all the contributions to the forum pages over the years and the many interesting topics created. The site continues to foster a special atmosphere and relationship between dentists throughtout the UK. The forum exists because of the community, the many different contributors to the site (979 different ones last year) plus of course the thousands of dentists who read the site on a daily basis.

As you can see from the image above, there has also been 226,000 posts on the 20,000 topics created, which means on average there are just over 11 replies to each thread, which again demonstates how much everyone cares about dentistry in the UK and how it is natural for colleagues to want to help or guide each other. We hope all this help over the years has improved the level of dental care and professionalism and that the forum continues to be an incredibly useful resource for many years to come. 

Thanks to all the moderators of the site for keeping on eye on any controversial threads, thanks also to our webmaster Steve, who keeps all the forum software ticking along. A huge thanks, to the site owner Tony Jacobs whose vision and passion for dentistry in the UK, has kept the GDPUK community together and reaching amazing landmarks like today!

Bring on the next 20,000 topics :)

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