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Johnson & Johnson Ltd, the makers of LISTERINE® Advanced Defence, were proud to sponsor two presentations at the 2014 British Dental Conference & Exhibition.


Dr Maria Mantzourani offered advice how to translate complex microbiological concepts into clinical practice, and provide factual oral health education and treatment to patients.


Professor Anthony Roberts examined common management challenges for patients with periodontitis, offering suggestions on overcoming these issues in practice.


On show was LISTERINE® Advanced Defence Gum Treatment, an alternative to chlorhexidine-based remedies. This twice-daily mouthwash is clinically proven to treat gum disease as an adjunct to mechanical cleaning. When used after brushing, it treats gum disease as shown by the reduction of bleeding by 50.9% (p<0.001) in only 4 weeks.1 In addition, Advanced Defence Gum Treatment is designed to not cause staining.2


LISTERINE® Advanced Defence Gum Treatment is part of the Advanced Defence range from Johnson & Johnson, a scientifically proven adjunct to your professional treatment.


Designed to help you treat and/or prevent specific oral care conditions, LISTERINE® Advanced Defence range also includes Advanced Defence Sensitive and Advanced Defence Cavity Guard.


For more information on LISTERINE® Advanced Defence, please visit www.dentistry.co.uk/listerine  or call 0800 328 0750.



1. Bleeding Index Reduction DOF 1 – 2013 (LAEBBA0001), 50.9% Reduction in whole-mouth mean Bleeding Index at 4 weeks

2. DOF 2-2013 (UNKPLT0006)


Advanced Defence Gum Treatment
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