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Kunal Shah reviews the Filtek One bulk fill restorative from 3M Oral Care.

What are the three key properties you need in a composite and does Filtek One meet all these? 

I look for easy handling, relevance in every day clinic and aesthetics. Filtek One delivers on all three. It offers a wide range of applications and I find it useful in every day practice. As a nano-filled composite, it’s very strong, which provides confidence in its capability. It’s also brilliant for minimally invasive dentistry, which I think is where the profession is headed.


What do you think of the aesthetics that can be achieved with Filtek One? 

The aesthetics are very good, especially after polishing and finishing.


What do you think of Filtek One in terms of handling / ease of use / speed of workflow? 

Filtek One is super easy to handle – it’s up there with one of the easiest bulk fill products to use. It’s particularly good where access to the restoration is difficult or if you are dealing with a deep cavity, which removes an element of stress for the dentist. The simple workflow also means the cavity is open for the shortest amount of time for a stronger bond and increased patient comfort. Further still, Filtek One is available in different delivery methods – I prefer the capsules – which makes the process easier again.


What do you think about the efficiency of the process when using Filtek One and Scotchbond Universal together?

The two products work brilliantly together. Scotchbond is a phenomenal product in its own right.


Is there anything about the product that you find challenging or would like to see improved / changed? 

Not really – I think it’s a brilliant product!


What would be your advice for dentists who are new to the product?

I would also advise others to start with a simple occlusal restorative case while you’re getting used to any new product.


What score would you give Filtek One out of 10?

I would rarely give any product a 10 out of 10. But I think Filtek One is an ‘8’ or a ‘9’. Compared to other bulk fill products with similar indications, I think it’s the best.


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