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The quote ‘life is a journey and not a destination’ can be applied just as well to your professional development. There is no end point when it comes to education in a professional capacity. This is particularly pertinent in the dental arena as it evolves so quickly, with new products, materials and techniques being developed all the time. To safely and competently care for patients, dental professionals must continually seek out new information to stay up-to-date. 


Implantology is a fascinating and innovative aspect of dentistry that is becoming increasingly popular with patients. Proactive patients are now aware of the choices available and are willing to seek out alternatives to more traditional treatments. Many are no longer passive in their approach to dentistry and are informed about the long-term benefits of dental implants following their own research online.


Walking the right career path

Professional learning is a career-long commitment, and so it is important that you choose the right pathway. Implantology opens up a whole new field of dentistry that was not available to professionals only decades ago. With the advancement of technology and techniques, it is now a popular specialty for dentists and their teams to pursue. 


Implantology allows practices to broaden their service offerings, meeting the rising demands of so many of their patients. With an ageing population, we can expect edentulism to become an ever more apparent issue in the coming years, and dental implants to become an even more in-demand treatment. This also provides greater opportunities for professionals who have the chance to develop their skill set and enjoy greater variety in their everyday work.


No longer confined to a classroom

In the digital era, students are no longer restricted to the classroom. There is now an array of teaching approaches that can be utilized to suit an individual’s schedule and preference. In a hands-on profession such as dentistry, a certain amount of face-to-face training with practical workshops is required so that you can try techniques and handle products before using them on real-life patients.


Further still, the world is becoming ‘smaller’ and so educational opportunities can easily be delivered from anywhere in the world, giving individuals the chance to learn from the very best. Peer-to-peer learning is a valuable educational tool as well, so establishing a professional network for support and guidance is crucial. Sharing of cases, discussion on products and materials, and learning from other’s challenges can help strengthen the learning process.


The right course for you

When it comes to choosing a course, your end goal will help you decide what educational program is the most relevant to you. Do you want to develop your knowledge through an academic course, or gain new practical skills for confidence treating patients in practice? The range of clinical education is now vast and so careful consideration should be given as to which will help meet your learning objectives. Examining the course structure, the aims and outcomes, method of teaching and who is involved in the course can also help you make a final decision.


Implant dentistry is of course very clinically focused, but it also has unique requirements in the practice management side of the business. Sales techniques, marketing strategy, patient communications etc. are just a few elements from the operations of running a practice that need to be managed. These too can be fast paced and in constant flux with new, improved ways becoming available all the time. Careful consideration should be given to what the practice currently has, what it wants to achieve and therefore what it might need in the future to encourage continuous growth.


A convenient learning portal

A structured platform with blended learning that incorporates all educational needs in one place, offers the best of all worlds for professionals looking to advance their skills. Mediums such as SmileTube.tv combine online modules with practical training to enable delegates to develop competency and confidence in their skills. Providing eight days of clinical hands-on training and access to over 130 continuous education credits, there is something for everyone. This all makes SmileTube.tv a cost effective and highly efficient postgraduate program for all clinicians interested in implant dentistry.


Education should be an inspiring, revitalizing and enriching experience. Selection of the right course is paramount to ensure engagement throughout and ultimately, ensure you achieve your learning goals.


For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit www.nobelbiocare.com


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