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OH! Challenge reveals dental profession’s knowledge gap

OH! Challenge reveals dental profession’s knowledge gap




The OH! Challenge has indicated knowledge gaps among the dental profession on a number of oral health topics, with an average knowledge score of just 51%. Launched at this year’s BDA Conference, the OH! Challenge was created to test oral health knowledge and has emphasised some interesting knowledge gaps, including:

• 46% did not know that gingivitis and periodontitis are a continuum of the same inflammatory disease

• Only 44% knew the updated BPE guidelines for code 3 sextants

• Just 3% understood that advice to rinse all traces of fluoridated toothpaste after brushing depended upon the patient's oral health needs.

These results will inform a programme of evidence-based articles for the dental team, designed to increase understanding of these all-important issues.

Iain Chapple, Professor of Periodontology, commented:

‘As a periodontologist, I was quite alarmed to see that 22% of DHCPs did not know what a BPE code 1 meant. Equally, only 23% of respondents knew that twice-daily brushing for just two minutes was likely to be insufficient for patients with periodontitis. We all benefit from continuing professional development and this is a very practical and relevant way of targeting ongoing education to keep healthcare professionals up to date.’

Dental Hygienist, Julie Rosse, also commented:

‘The results are a gentle reminder that we need to constantly revise and refresh our sources of evidence-based information in our everyday working lives.  It is obvious that we might not be using the latest evidence-based information available.’


Please visit www.listerineprofessional.co.uk now to see the results in more detail, to test your own knowledge and to follow the supporting programme of evidence-based content that will be released in instalments over the course of the year.


The OH! Challenge was created by Johnson & Johnson, the makers of LISTERINE®.


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