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Medic Footprints - Alternative Careers and Wellbeing for Doctors.

Medic Footprints - Alternative Careers and Wellbeing for Doctors.


I’m Abeyna Jones -  the Co-Founder of Medic Footprints. (pictured above)

With a background of drastic career changes moving to South Africa (& back), switching from surgery to Occupational Medicine, and also working out how to manage my own various health problems along the way - I realised that my journey was not so unique, yet the topics were still relatively taboo amongst our profession.

Hence, having created Medic Footprints in 2014, I’m proud to say we’ve grown to a community of >10k.

We are now looking to expand further with the aim to support all medical professionals needing independent support networks focusing on career change and wellbeing.

Who Are We?

Medic Footprints seeks to provide medical professionals with the tools and resources to explore alternative careers in a supportive wellness environment.

We are a social enterprise for doctors, by doctors.

Are we encouraging doctors to leave medicine or dentistry? We’re not. But, we are encouraging doctors to explore their career options beyond the conventional confines of a hospital or clinic.

We help with providing ideas of what options there are out there for doctors and what sort of plan should be made, remembering that a doctor’s career doesn’t have to be in medicine.

What We Do.

Our mission statement is as follows:

  • Raise the visibility of the wealth of careers available to doctors, beyond traditional medicine,

  • Promote bespoke wellbeing initiatives for doctors

  • Support doctors in achieving their true career potentials by developing invaluable skills beyond their clinical practice, essential for great medical leaders in any domain.


We organise and promote events in medicine, entrepreneurship and business and encourage doctors to reach out. A growing number of medical professionals are burnt out and exhausted from their stressful and tiring jobs - we are here to support exactly those people and build strong, meaningful networks of like-minded doctors.

Doctors tend to possess strong transferable skillsets, a passion for helping people and business minds, and we encourage these to be developed, explored and nurtured.

How you can get involved in our community?

Visit our website - medicfootprints.org - a huge free resource of information regarding career change for medical professionals

Join our free membership for updates on events, and activities. Our next event is a workshop about  Succeeding as a Medic in Business on 22nd April 2017 at the London Business School.

Write for us - we welcome contributions of all kinds in the world of alternative careers and wellbeing

Save the date for 27/8 Oct 2017 - our third annual extravaganza of alternative careers. Not your average conference!

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