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Better dentistry

Better dentistry

Dr Amit Patel is a registered specialist in periodontics; graduating in 1997 from the University of Liverpool, he is now the principal of the Birmingham Dental Specialists as well as working as the Associate Specialist in Periodontics and Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Birmingham dental school. He is a prolific lecturer both nationally and internationally and is enthusiastic about practising better dentistry. To this end, Amit always ensures to use the best equipment possible to achieve excellent results.

“Everything I use is A-dec,” says Amit. “I have an A-dec 500 dental chair, an A-dec LED light and, after trialling one recently, I’m using the A-dec 500 stool as well. Together, these pieces of equipment allow me to practise better dentistry – not just for my patients, but for myself as well.

“Many dentists will suffer from back pain and musculoskeletal disorders throughout their careers. The positions we must assume to perform even the simplest of dental treatments can have a real effect on our wellbeing – indeed, the majority of dentists who are forced to retire early, do so because of these debilitating conditions.

“But modern, ergonomic equipment, like that supplied by A-dec, can have a huge impact on the ease with which we can practise dentistry and the quality of life we can enjoy as a result. For example, the 500 stool allows me to assume a comfortable posture in which I can remain for long periods of time; even during implant surgery I do not get fatigued. What’s more, because the stool is so lightweight and easily manoeuvred, I can move around my patient without having to stretch.

“Similarly, a good light will help eliminate eye strain. Repeatedly focussing in and out of the oral cavity and having to adjust to the different ambient lights can cause unnecessary strain. The A-dec LED light I use is bright enough to negate this: it illuminates everything. I find it particularly useful since I perform a significant amount of surgery and I need a light bright enough to fulfil my needs. Rather than investing in an incredibly expensive theatre light, the A-dec LED is more than satisfactory. It’s also incredibly light and easily manoeuvred, making it applicable for many indications. Some of my patients comment on just how bright is – but they appreciate that the better I can see, the better the result of their treatment will be.

“I also work with the University of Birmingham Dental School and use A-dec equipment there as well. As a way of promoting good posture and ergonomic practice, A-dec products are the best.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend A-dec and its products to any dentist.”

With an eclectic range of dental equipment that has been specifically made with dental professionals in mind, A-dec will provide you with everything you need to practise better, healthier dentistry.

To find out the benefits yourself, contact the friendly team today.


For more information about A-dec Dental UK Ltd, call 02476 350 901 or visit: www.a-dec.co.uk


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