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Demi™ Ultra – the inside view

Demi™ Ultra – the inside view

Luisa Roncoroni shares with readers the benefits of using Demi Ultra LED curing light in practice.

A curing light should be ready to go when you need it, even if you forgot to charge the battery the night before. You need your curing light to work while the patient is in the chair, and with the cordless curing lights that run on batteries that kind of availability can be a challenge.

Shining a light on technology

Demi Ultra solves this issue; it’s available at all times. Instead of using batteries, we created the U-40 ultracapacitor, enabling Demi Ultra to re-energise in fewer than 40 seconds.

The ultracapacitor maintains energy capacity over time and lasts eight times longer than a battery. It will last for the life of the light, and you don’t have to worry about battery performance, buying a new battery or charging it for long periods of time. What’s more, if you do leave it on the charger it won’t shorten the lifespan, as with other curing lights.

Then there’s our C.U.R.E. (curing uniformity and reduced energy) technology that allows Demi Ultra to deliver uniform depth of cure rapidly, combined with industry-leading low temperatures. Many curing lights have LEDs in the handpiece, generating light that travels down a glass light guide. That’s inefficient, and you lose 50% of the output. So we moved the LEDs to the tip to avoid all that waste.

That’s how we can create the same output with half the energy, and that means less heat for the patient.

In addition, we recognise that a glass light guide blends light, so you do lose that effect a little when you put the LEDs in the tip. To counteract this loss we’ve added a Total Internal Reflector (TIR) lens. It’s like a prism and it blends the light at the tip, so it radiates as a more uniform beam, which means you’re getting a uniform cure with less heat.

Another important aspect of the Demi Ultra is that it is fully sealed. We didn’t want to sacrifice ergonomics; we knew we needed to keep the handpiece lightweight but that we still needed to protect its electric components from being damaged by fluids. We ended up with a frame that is made of metal and plastic that fits together to seal the handpiece completely without sacrificing the weight or handling.


Demi Ultra also offer peace of mind in the form of a radiometer built into the charging dock. The radiometer instantly communicates charging output and lets dentists know if they need to clean the tip before curing.

The user interface is another great feature. We wanted to keep it very simple, so we have one mode and three curing durations. You turn it on and it’s ready to go. We also have a silent mode feature, which many people appreciate.

Demi Ultra in practice

In practical terms, with Demi Ultra the dentist and staff have one less thing to worry about. They can focus on completing their restorations without fretting about whether the lamp is charged sufficiently to complete the case. Always ready, the team doesn’t have to worry about whether someone charged the light overnight. They don’t have to buy new batteries or worry about battery/energy degradation in the light. It’s efficient all life long. Thanks to CURE technology, the dentist can rest assured that consistent uniform depth of curing is being delivered while minimising the amount of heat on the tooth. And all of this is without any risk of thermal shutdown.

As for the patient, the result is reduced incidence of pulpal inflammation, which could cause extended post-op sensitivity and is often blamed on other aspects of the restoration. This will therefore reduce the risk of re-treatments.

Guaranteed for success

Demi Ultra, like our Demi Plus, has a 3-year standard warranty from the date of purchase. If a unit goes wrong, customers can report the issue to a Kerr representative or their dealer and we will put in place all the necessary steps to have the issue fixed quickly.

What is unique in the market is that Kerr offers an additional opportunity; at the time the dentist purchase a Demi Ultra, (s)he may elect to take advantage of an extended 2-year warranty and ‘accidental damage from handling’ coverage. This gives the dentist the peace of mind that their investment and budget are protected from the stresses of unexpected expenses.

Making the right choice

The choice of curing light is crucial, as well as its maintenance and the operator’s technique.

What we have experienced is that dentists are not always giving sufficient weight to the ‘curing step’, which converts into a high number of restoration failures.

The dentist also needs to be aware that a poor distribution of energy may result in inadequate depth polymerisation. They should look at the irradiance values carefully, which are sometimes misleading if not ‘correctly sized’ to the tip area.

As for budget lamps, they are not always the right solution for the job. Some don’t even conform to electrical or safety regulations, for example. The truth is that minimising the expense may lead to failure. Instead a dentist should invest in success!

And while dentists do that, we are fully invested in listening to our customers. Since its launch in September 2013, we have been collecting feedback and suggestions on how to improve Demi Ultra. All of these comments are collected and passed on to the development team, which is surely actively working to improve the lamp, so watch this space! 


Luisa Roncoroni joined Kerr three years ago as the Product Manager for Prevention across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Since then she has also taken on responsibility for the company’s curing lights, including working on the launch of Demi Ultra.

‘With Demi Ultra, heat development towards the end of a complex restoration is considerably reduced compared to everything I have used in the past.’

Dr Alex Kottenhahn, UK

 ‘No more worries with discharged batteries, because Demi Ultra is fully charged in less than 40 seconds! It is ideal for a busy practice.’

Dr Filip Keulemans, Belgium

‘The working intensity at the light tip is as good today as when we first started using Demi Ultra, providing us with confidence of good depth of cure at each use.’

Dr Michael Evans, UK

‘There are no problems with curing times and the quick charge-up is excellent. The design is great; we can get right back to tube the 7s during orthodontic procedures.’

Theresa Morgan, senior dental nurse, UK


To discover more about Demi Ultra, please visit www.demiultra.eu, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01733 892292.

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