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3D is closer than you think

2D digital imaging has given the dentist greater opportunity to visualise the tooth than ever before, but with the revolution in 3D imaging and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), the practitioner can now visualise the full picture.

Due to its wide range of applications and its contribution to easier, quicker and more effective results, it has become embedded in the practice’s daily routine. It allows the tooth to be viewed in any direction or orientation, and negates the need for speculation, which is what has often happened with 2D views. Dentists can interpret this valuable new information to make better treatment plans and give more accurate diagnoses.

One of the more specialised areas of dentistry that 3D imaging is of particular use in is implantology. CBCT allows for bone evaluation in terms of thickness and density, identification of anatomical landmarks and provides multiple options for views. Most notably it also allows for ‘virtual’ implant placement. When the implant has been placed, historically, 2D images would have only shown a portion of the placed implant, but with 3D imaging, the whole picture can be seen meaning the greater likelihood of long term success.

Endodontics is another speciality finding this development in technology essential. Root morphology can be more accurately assessed and the ability to see different views of the canal, be it in cross section, long axis or oblique, allows the endodontist greater virtual visualisation of the form and structure of the root canal. More accurate measurements can be achieved resulting in more effective treatment success. It is also effective in the identification of post endodontic treatment infections, which often could not be identified with 2D radiographs.

Making it a Reality

Manufactured by the world class Sirona and supplied by the experienced Clark Dental, the ORTHOPHOS SL 3D is at the cutting-edge of technology. Clark Dental can help you make the leap to 3D imaging, and all the advantages that it brings with it, a reality.  The ORTHOPHOS SL 3D offers exceptionally sharp 2D panoramic images with its ‘Direct Conversion Sensor’ (DCS) and ‘Sharp Layer’ (SL) Technology, but also full 3D flexibility with its selectable fields of view. 

With just a single rotation, thousands of images can be taken and the SL technology can bring the entire jaw into sharp resolution.  Further still, the interactive element of SL allows you to manipulate the image and select a particular area that you want to focus on.  The ground-breaking DCS provides unrivalled character sharpness with unmatched clarity, ultimately resulting in greater success in all fields of application.  


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