10,000th Daily Digest Email!

10,000th Daily Digest Email!


Hello all,

Today (17th May 2017) we will be delivering our 10,000th daily email digest to our GDPUK members. Something we are extremely proud of.

  • Our first daily digest was sent out in 2008 when we built the first GDPUK website (pictured above).
  • Barring one or two hiccups alomng the way.... We have sent out 3 daily digest emails a day since.
  • The emails contain the latest news from the site, plus the top forum posts of the day. This keeps our members engaged with the site and more importantly, what is happening within UK Dentistry.
  • The digest contains advertising banners from our partners, so thanks to all our loyal clients and friends over the last ten years who have made it possible to reach this milestone.
  • In that time we have had 54 different people post over 1000 times on the forum pages. All that posting helped to create the unique content of the digests. So thanks to the 54 people and the thousands of other posters who have contributed to the site.
  • Thanks also, to over 10,000 members of the dental profession who have signed up to the site since 2008.
  • The GDPUK forum continues to thrive on a daily basis. The forum has had over 22,000 threads created and nearly 256,000 replies to those threads. That is 11.5 replies to every thread created. A lot of knowledge and content contained in our forum pages :)
  • You have to be a member to view our forum and daily digests. Register for free here.

Thanks again for supporting and reading GDPUK.


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Email Marketing is still alive and more popular than ever!


One of my early posts to my digital dentistry blog was entitled 4 A * Reasons Email Marketing is still Alive! and I looked at the reasons behind why email marketing was still so important.

Nearly 2 years later, this is still seems to be the case. One could argue it is more important than ever. In the recent eConsultancy Census, it was found that revenue from email marketing increased proportionately by 28% in 2014, and was ranked as the number 1 channel in terms of return on investment, with 68% of companies rating the channel as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Email has become part of mobile marketing, it is estimated that mobile can account for up to 70% of all email opens. The banner ads or message on these emails still need to be clear and well positioned, although it’s not just the creative that is important, the sales funnel must also be fully mobile-optimised, with every page working so that they are mobile optimised and keep your customer engaged. A well designed landing page is still always an important part of the process.

We forget that with emails you are often reaching an audience that already knows you, if you have them on your list, they want to hear from you. Email requires a deeper level of engagement and trust. That is the reasons our daily digest emails remain popular. Our members are expecting them.

Therefore advertising on the GDPUK daily digest emails (sent 3 times a day) remains incredibly popular because so many people receive these daily emails to their inboxes and thousands of eyes look at the animated banners on the emails. We use these daily digest emails ourselves as an accidental marketing tool. What started as a way of communicating the latest posts on the forum to our members, has instead become a way for our members to be constantly engaged with the site and what is happening within UK dentistry. We know that not every member reads every thread or email but there is always a subject that appeals to a number of our members and that keeps our site busy and the banners receiving impressions. This means email remains incredibly important for GDPUK plus of course every big business that is online and looking for customers.

So two years after I wrote the blog piece linked above, email marketing remains an important tool for businesses of all sizes and needs to be treated as an integral part of your marketing plans, whether you are looking to reach dentists or members of the public for your practice.

We are all looking to generate leads and gain new customers, is email marketing still something you use to reach these goals or do you find other methods more effective? We look forward to hearing your thoughts, on what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Hope you enjoyed this follow up blog. Thanks!

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