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Occlusion management panel - At the 12th BACD Annual Conference

Occlusion management panel

Delegates at this year’s BACD Annual Conference will be treated to a diverse range of exceptional educational opportunities.


Among these, and promising to be one of the event’s highlights, is the occlusion management panel, hosted by Dr Ken Harris, Dr Ian Buckle, Dr Heike Krämer, Dr Any Toy and Dr Chris Orr. “I’m looking forward to a vigorous and forthright exchange of ideas,” says Dr Harris. “Delegates will be encouraged to offer their own insights, as well as being exposed to ours.


“Occlusion plays an important role in the success of our restorative dentistry and, as the population ages, it is incumbent on today’s dental practitioners to be able to restore these gradually failing dentitions so patients can retain their own teeth.”


A long-standing fellow of the BACD and the first UK graduate of the Kois Center in Seattle, Dr Harris is known for his knowledge of the Kois approach to occlusion, one of the most popular trends in modern occlusal theory and thought – and will be bringing his considerable expertise to bear during the session.


Join delegates from all across the country for this inspirational three-day event – make sure you register your place today!


The BACD’s 12th Annual Conference runs from 12th - 14th November 2015 at The Hilton London Metropole Hotel. For more information and to book your place, go to


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Take the bite out of occlusion | Clark Dental

Take the bite out of occlusion  |  Clark Dental

The T-Scan digital occlusal analyser from Clark Dental is one of the most innovative diagnostic products on the market. Unique in its ability to provide an accurate, time-scaled review of a patient’s bite force, the T-Scan is improving the way dental professionals diagnose and treat occlusal issues.


At this year’s BDIA Dental Showcase, Clark Dental is delighted to present the highly regarded Dr Thomas O’Connor discussing the revolutionary T-Scan in a number of enlightening lectures. Dr O’Connor is well-known for speaking on all aspects of aesthetic dentistry and understands the importance of occlusion in achieving top-quality results.

What’s more, the eminent Dr Ash Parmar will be taking to the Clark Dental Education Centre on stand G195 to speak about the T-Scan’s functional utility in-practice. A long-time advocate of the T-Scan, and a close friend of Clark Dental, Dr Parmar’s sessions are simply unmissable for anyone wanting to know more about better occlusal analysis.

With a reputation for bringing dental professionals the best products and equipment on the market, Clark Dental strives to educate as well as equip. Be sure to visit the stand to find out more. 


For more information contact Clark Dental on 01270 613750,
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

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Posterior-guided occlusion at the BACD Conference 2015

BACD Conference 2015

November this year sees the 12th BACD Conference play host to some of the world’s foremost dentists. Delegates will have the chance to learn from leading national and international experts across a range of specialities, as well as the opportunity to network with peers and like-minded professionals over the course of the three-day event. 

Speaking at the conference will be a number of renowned practitioners who will focus on helping clinicians achieve the optimum balance to help them become the best dentists they can. Among the presenters will be Dr Andy Toy, who will be delivering his lecture, Posterior-guided occlusion.

Andy qualified from Bristol University in 1980 and in 1982 he attended Roy Higson’s first ever occlusion course and visited the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education, USA.  He has since made a life-long study of occlusion and its application to practice. In recent years he has been working with the innovative posterior-guided occlusion model. This model references an extensive anthropological evidence base, along with more recent published studies from the Faculty of Health and Sport Science in Loughborough University. Andy is also the co-author with Dr Presswood of ‘Is there such a thing as a healthy occlusion?  Lessons from history’ Primary Dental Care 2008;15(2):65-69. 

Dr Andy Toy at the BACD Conference 2015Andy says, “The whole field of occlusion is very often misunderstood and there are significant elements of the profession that ignore occlusion altogether, including many academics. This is because the evidence for the models up to this point has been so poor. But clinicians working in day-to-day practice appreciate that understanding occlusion is vitally important. What is more, as dental techniques change and evolve, and we employ less invasive dentistry, understanding occlusion becomes ever more significant. More minimally invasive dentistry is less able to resist some of the forces of occlusion, so we urgently need to understand it better.

“In my lecture I will be challenging the accepted thinking on occlusion, reviewing the evidence on some of the traditional models and presenting evidence for an updated model. Examining the various models of occlusion currently in use and critically exploring their historical evidence base, the lecture will introduce an alternative model of occlusion based on anthropological studies, along with a quick summary of the evidence to support it. Finally, the application of this new model to aspects of clinical care will be discussed, including orthodontics, prosthodontics and TMD treatment.

“The session will be aimed at all practitioners who are involved in altering people’s occlusion, especially those who work in orthodontics, restorative dentistry, or those who treat patients with jaw-joint and TMD problems. If professionals have a better understanding of the evidence surrounding occlusion, they will be able to apply their professional judgement much more successfully. This will not only immediately benefit their patients, but they will also find they have less problems further down the line with less patients returning with deteriorated dentitions or jaw-joint problems.

“Whilst I will be challenging old thinking and offering some new thoughts on the subject, I will welcome any discussions around the new approach. The development of the new methodology is always on-going and we are hoping to build a positive dialogue around this subject.”

Whatever stage of your dental career, the BACD Annual Conference will have something for you. Book your place today and enjoy three days that will help you raise standards, refine your clinical technique and achieve your aesthetic equilibrium.

The BACD’s 12th Annual Conference runs from 12th - 14th November 2015 at The Hilton London Metropole Hotel. Go to, email Suzy Rowlands at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0207 612 4166.


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