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Finding Solutions in Technology and Collaboration

 Finding Solutions in Technology and Collaboration

Dental technicians, dentists and manufacturers all have an integral part to play in the overall patient experience. Working together as a team and utilising the very latest designs and technology can bring about solutions to previously difficult or untreatable cases.


Sharing experiences and striving towards the common goal of providing first-class dental care for patients, enables the best clinical results and can make a real difference to the outcome patients receive. From initial product design and manufacture, to the technical modifications made in the dental lab, and to the fitting and restoring phase in the dentist’s chair – teamwork is integral to success. This was one of the main themes highlighted at a recent event organised by The Parade Specialist Dental Centre, held at The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport and supported by leading implant product supplier Nobel Biocare.


The day was aimed at dentists currently placing and restoring implants, those undertaking their MSc courses and practitioners who were interested in implantology. During the inspirational and educational day, delegates had the chance to listen and learn from some of the most highly respected professionals in the field, including Dr Bertil Friberg, Dr Adrian Binney, Dr Michael Page and Dr Matthew Thomas.


Dr Friberg, an Associate Professor and Co-Chairman of the renowned Brånemark Clinic in Gothenburg, is one of the most experienced implant surgeons in the world, as well as an excellent teacher. He shared his experiences of working at the Brånemark Clinic, outlined the rich history of dental implantology and gave his insights on how the field will evolve and change in the coming years.


Dr Thomas provided an interesting lecture which included overcoming the problem of limited space with the use of the NobelActive® 3.0. This smaller and stronger implant is specifically designed for narrow spaces where practitioners may be unable to place a conventional implant, such as in the case of missing lateral incisors.


Dr Page continued with the theme of attaining new and exciting possibilities looking at options for patients using the latest technology, and covering CAD/CAM designed restorations for the edentulous. He showed how the latest technology is providing greater results for the most difficult of cases in a fascinating lecture.


Dr Binney followed this up with an equally thought-provoking presentation on the NobelProcera® Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) abutment, which is designed to offer a higher degree of restorative flexibility without using cement retained restorations and comprising aesthetics. Dr Binney showed how the ASC is perfect for placing screw retained restorations in the posterior region, as it allows for easier access and truly aesthetic anterior restorations without compromising the optimum position for implant placement .


Commenting on the event, Dr Binney said: “The day was a huge success and we were delighted to have the support of Nobel Biocare to enable us to offer delegates an educational and inspiring day.”


The day was concluded with a brilliant insight into the dental technicians’ role in a superb lecture from John Craddock, Director at Synergy Dental Laboratory in Cardiff. With John and his team present, the event provided a well-rounded account of the dental workflow, emphasising the importance of the relationship between laboratory and clinician and ensuring delegates understood the entire journey from beginning to end.


Teamwork remains essential to success and manufacturers, technicians and practitioners each have a role to play in providing patients with high quality dental care. The idea highlighted throughout the day was that of increased strength as a comprehensive team, compared to working as individuals, encouraging all to communicate effectively in order to solve challenges faced. With the correct products, right skills and successful collaboration, solutions can be found for even the most challenging of cases.


For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit




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Munroe Sutton Forms Partnership with Toothpick

Munroe Sutton Forms Partnership with Toothpick

For many in the current economic climate, the price of dental treatment can be daunting. Careington Corporation and their UK affiliate Munroe Sutton believe that everybody should have access to high quality dental care, which is why they dedicate their time to designing, organising and managing affordable and accessible dental plans.


The companies have already benefited many patients across the US and UK, and continue to grow through their new partnership with Toothpick, the UK’s leading online booking platform for dental appointments. The new partnership aims to further increase accessibility to private dentistry, ultimately reducing the gap between NHS and private care, and it all begins with the introduction of the ‘Toothpick VIP’ card.

How does it benefit the patient?

The ‘Toothpick VIP’ card is cost effective and simple to use, and through its use, patients can benefit from an immediate 20% discount on private dental treatment at participating practices in the UK.

The card is available for a low annual fee and it is possible to include family members into the plan. This money-saving scheme offers unlimited use, and can be used for both pre-existing conditions and emergency dental treatment.

How does it benefit practices?

Because this scheme is not an insurance policy – it is a money saving option – it is beneficial to dentists and patients alike. Essentially, any practice in the UK that is registered with Munroe Sutton can offer this service, which is likely to attract new patients, in turn increasing practice profit. What’s more, practices are likely to receive positive reviews and build a good rapport with new and existing patients.

Working with Munroe Sutton offers copious opportunities for networking and free promotion, as it liaises with customers of leading companies within insurance, finance and healthcare. Ultimately, involvement with this scheme could allow you to develop and unlock your business potential and it is completely free to join the network.

With studies showing that only 61% of people in England attend their dentist regularly[i], it is crucial that schemes such as ‘Toothpick VIP’ continue to be implemented. As prices continue to rise, so will the number of people that miss out on necessary treatment.


For more information please call 0808 234 3558 or visit


[i] British Dental Health. National Smile month. Facts and figures. May 18 - June18, 2015. Accessed online June 23rd 2015


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Book them in - Carestream Dental

Book them in - Carestream Dental

Converting treatment plans into booked appointments is an area where many dental professionals struggle, but this needn't be the case anymore.

Some practice management systems have built-in functionality that can help you and your staff see the plans that need following up. The CS 


R4+ practice management software from Carestream Dental can help you do all of this and more with its built-in features that use real time data to benefit your practice in numerous ways.

This will allow you and your team to get a list of the patients without appointments enabling you to contact them and discuss further questions they may have and try to book them in.

For more information speak to the friendly team at Carestream Dental today.


For more information on CS Solutions or any other products or services available from Carestream Dental,

please call 0800 169 9692 or visit


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Getting the best out of patients - A Manual

Dental Patients - a quick set-up guide.

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