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Cyber Attacks – No Longer the Threat of Tomorrow



For the last 18 months’ we have been writing articles about the threat of cyber-attacks to the healthcare industry. This is indeed one of the most targeted sectors in the UK and the risk to your dental practice is significant. This has further been highlighted by the events of the last few days where the NHS has suffered its biggest attack of this kind.

What is the risk to you?

No business is completely safe from the threat of cybercrime, no matter how many firewalls you have or virus scanners, it only reduces your risk by a small fraction. Over the last few years we have seen major companies and organisations such as Talk Talk and MI5 affected, organisations who invest heavily in the reliability of their IT systems are just as vulnerable and you and me.

So how does it work? Often, we see businesses that have their IT systems or software encrypted by the criminals. This means that the hackers take control of your systems and lock you out. They usually request payment in the form of Bitcoins in exchange for releasing your data back to you. In the past when this has happened clients have still had major problems with their software afterwards and have had to get professional companies in to reinstate the corrupted data. If you decide not to pay the ransom, then the cybercriminals will often look to sell the data on the black-market and then it is lost forever.

What is your most valuable data?  

For any medical practice the value is in the patient medical records and appointment logs. This is the lifeblood of your business and without access to this the practice would struggle to continue, at least in the short term.

In the event that your patient records were sold on the black-market and got into the hands of other cybercriminals your patients could be at significant risk. Your patients can sue you for compensation if their medical records became accessible to others. You could face a claim by every single person affected by the data breach and furthermore, you would become liable for their legal costs as well as your own if you required representation or defending from such claims. The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) can also get involved too. They are the statutory regulator when it comes to data security and they will investigate a breach of data to see if there are grounds for imposing statutory fines against you! These fines can start from tens of thousands of pounds and there is no real upper limit.

So what is the solution?    

It is very difficult to guarantee your business will not be affected by cybercrime although I would recommend that you review your IT security arrangements anyway and make upgrades where possible. Something that is within our control however, is what measures we have in place to protect our businesses should something catastrophic happen.

To do this, it is advisable to have Cyber Liability Insurance cover in place. As a basic cover, this will protect you against the claims that could be made against you, including legal costs and statutory fines. However, there is further cover that can be included within a policy such as:


·         Damage to Hardware

·         Data Corruption & Reinstatement

·         Financial Crime i.e. money being fraudulently taken from your bank account

·         Data-Breach Expenses including reputation protection

·         Loss of Business Income


How much does a policy cost?


It all depends on a few variables:


·         How many patient records do you hold?

·         What is your gross annual revenue?

·         What limit of indemnity do you require?


The last question above will be an area that your insurance adviser can guide you on. The larger the practice and the more records held the greater the exposure to claims and statutory fines. Prices typically start from around £500 per year although we are usually able to save our clients’ money on their main Practice Insurance policy if a Cyber Liability policy is taken out.


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Why Cyber Insurance Is Vital for 2017

Why Cyber Insurance Is Vital for 2017



It may come as a shock to you to understand that the healthcare sector is the primary target sector for Cyber attacks. With sensitive information on patient's medical history and general health, Cyber criminals know that if they obtain this type of data then it will be highly profitable for them. 

Attacks of this nature in the healthcare industry are becoming more regular, and more severe, than any other market sector.

We all hear about Cyber attacks of the largest scale when the make the headline news, however, even small, family run businesses are at risk. These proficient hackers are not selective about who they target as such; if there is an opportunity on any scale, they are likely going to take it.

If you have protection technology and software then it's a starting point, although don't think that this will be enough to protect your practice data and systems. 

It is now essential that you also protect your practice and business, financially, if something on this nature does occur. 

What are the true consequences of a Cyber attack?

If criminals obtain your patient data, there are a couple of things they may do with the data. 

Firstly, they can sell the data on the black market, which means your patients suffer a breach of confidentially, 

Or, secondly, they may request a ransom for keeping the data confidential, which means your business needs to honour their demands at great expense. 

Cyber attacks often result in the following for practice owners:

1. Redundant hardware and software, which needs to be replaced

2. Hefty litigation and legal costs in dealing with the matter in hand

3. Compensation requests from your patients, for the breach

4. Loss of revenue, whilst you get back up and running

5. Often it is combination of all the above

This is the cost element, but also there could be a direct impact on the reputation of your practice. 

After all, bad news spreads fast and it could certainly deter existing patients and new patients from choosing you over one of your competitors. 

Does your Practice Insurance sufficiently cover you? 

So you may be thinking that your Practice Liability Insurance covers you against such crimes. Here, it is essential to read the Terms & Conditions in detail, as most policies only offer an introductory level of cover. 

Specific Cyber Liability Insurance covers your practice, comprehensively, in the event that this nightmare materialises. 


Cyber Insurance policies vary, however many include:

·         Compensation payments to your patients

·         Your patient’s legal fees

·         Statutory fines

·         Hardware replacement costs

·         Data Corruption & Reinstatement Costs

·         Liability Cover for Affected Third Parties – e.g. patients

·         Cyber Financial crime

·         Data – Breach Expenses

·         Loss of Gross Revenue


As we are now part of a very digital working environment, it is your responsibility as a business owner to protect the data you hold in the form of patient records. 

In 2017, it is essential to not turn a blind eye, or be ignorant to what could happen, hoping that it won't happen to you.

For further information please get in touch with All Med Pro - 0203 757 6950 -

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