Digital technology and patient care


by Nina Cartwright Carestream Dental - Product Manager

A recent survey found that there are over 42 million smartphone users in the UK.[i]. This number is only going to keep increasing, and reliance on apps and other digital technologies is likely to rise with it. A recent survey concluded that average UK smartphone owners use 30 apps per month and 10 apps regularly each day, showing how deeply the technology has integrated into our lifestyles.[ii]

Why do people use apps?

The main reason people have adopted apps and other digital innovations is because they add a high level of convenience to our lives. They can be used to shop online, pay our bills and keep track of our eating and exercise habits.

Furthermore, social media and other communication technologies allow people to speak to one another in a variety of new and instant ways, broadening how we connect with one another.

Digital access for patients

In light of this, all industries have developed apps and other digital presences in order to stay relevant. Dentistry is no different, and there are now hundreds of apps and other digital programs that patients and professionals alike can download to streamline their daily lives.

From digital oral hygiene guides to apps that help patients overcome any dental phobias, the range of apps available is extensive. These platforms can even encourage patients to communicate with dentists, as some of them will raise awareness or give them the information they need to inspire them to seek out professional attention.

Technology in the dental practice

As the digital lifestyle is now so prominent, it makes sense to invest in technology that means you can communicate with patients in a way that appeals to them.

Digital products help you communicate with your patients on a more accessible level when you’re treating them in the practice. New systems are very visual and can show them graphs and detailed explanations of the treatments you are suggesting, delivering information in a way that the patient understands.

Cutting-edge visual graphics are just one of the many benefits of the CS R4+ practice management software from Carestream Dental. Functioning at the heart of your practice, the system can streamline your patient care routine by acting as a tool to educate patients and communicate their treatment plans in an appealing, visual way.

Implement the technology that works best for your patients

By implementing apps and other digital technologies into your professional workflow you can communicate with patients in a way that’s easier for them to understand. This leads to better patient care, as they feel more comfortable and informed.

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[i] E-marketer. UK Digital Users: The eMarketer Forecast for 2017. Link: https://www.emarketer.com/Report/UK-Digital-Users-eMarketer-Forecast-2017/2001988 [Last accessed March18].

[ii] App Annie. Spotlight on Consumer App Usage. Link: http://files.appannie.com.s3.amazonaws.com/reports/1705_Report_Consumer_App_Usage_EN.pdf [Last accessed March18].

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Dental Apps for your phone

Dental Apps for your phone

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