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Part 6. Flexibility

Part 6. Flexibility


"Flexibility - the ability to be easily modified."

Online advertising campaigns can be adjusted with a few clicks or changes to a banner.
You have the flexibility to respond to incoming data and make changes instantly. Similarly, you always have the ability to pause a campaign or adjust your marketing plan within minutes. This flexibility allows you to stay in front of your customers– anticipate customer needs and adjust your ads before anyone even notices.


At GDPUK we offer extra flexibility because our software gives the customer a number of options when they book a space on our site. Via our DFP software, our customers can actually run more than one advert at once in a given month. This means one of our customers can actually advertise two things or more from the same booking. One of our clients is currently using this method to advertise a number of offers at once. Added value and flexibility from GDPUK!

Having the option to change or adapt a campaign as you go along is another advantage to online advertising. Once you send an ad to a magazine it can’t be changed but with advertising online you can always experiment and adapt as the campaign develops. Online advertising definitely provides flexibility.

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