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We must stay IN!

We must stay IN!

We must stay in!
We are the civilised and ancient democracy!
We must strive to exert change from within.
Our mistake was not joining at the beginning and before you start I know it was personal politics De Gaulle etc!

The whole argument has horrified me because...there are NO Facts just subjection!!!

I feel we are in a smaller world with more connections..why do I want to leave and become smaller??
I like my European family and think they have so much to teach US!!
We should be paying MORE because we are so lucky!
We should be caring for the less fortunate!
In fact I think that we should STAY BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT!!


Dr Alisdair McKendrick is a GDP in Northamptonshire.


Image credit -Abi Begum under CC licence - not modified.

Last refuge of a scoundrel?
Stay connected with Europe - you fought for it

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