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Market your business online, work with GDPUK in 2017

Market your business online, work with GDPUK in 2017


Ask us, How we can help you?


There has been a recurring theme this week (other than the US Presidential Election) and that is clients or prospects asking how we can help them in 2017?

We see GDPUK as an integral part of a dental companies opportunity to market themselves to dentists in the UK. We believe we have a large, active and engaged audience on the site, which we are very proud of. This is important because dental professionals in the UK are using social media more than ever and GDPUK is at the centre of that.

So we have put together a short list of the ways in which we can help our clients engage with potential customers.


  1. Banner Ads - We offer a range of banner ads on the site and our daily digest emails. Further info can be found in our media pack and by getting in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  2. 12 month packages of advertising. We have a number of deals with clients that run for 12 months, which offer the client excellent exposure, good value and builds a great working relationship between GDPUK and the client.

  3. Product / Service Launches - We can help launch a new product into the market, with blogs, news articles and banner ads.

  4. Special Offers - Entice new or old customers with a special offer / or sample offer

  5. Case Studies - We can publish case studies for you of products that are working for patients in dental practices. A case study can be a great way of demonstrating how your product works and how it will help the dentist improve his or her skills.

  6. Forum Reviews / Tests - Put your product to the test, use members of the GDPUK forum to test your product and receive honest reviews that can be shared on the forum and published as a blog post.

  7. Surveys - Run a survey, which can be hosted by our site or your site. Use it to do product research etc

  8. Social Media Competitions - Combining promotion on GDPUK and other social media channels, we can run a competition that helps collect data and potential new users of your product.

  9. Promotion of Courses / Events - There are a large number of events, meetings, courses that are scheduled in the UK dental calendar on an annual basis, we can help with promotion and even the sale of the tickets.

  10. 2017 Conference. Next year we are pleased to be hosting an event to celebrate our 20th year of a space for dentists in the UK to talk and share opinion. This milestone, will be marked with conference towards the end of next year. Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities will be available.


If you would like to try any other marketing ideas on our site, we are always interested in new methods and always looking to learn. Look forward to hearing from you soon, helping your business thrive in 2017.

Thanks for reading.

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