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Should I stay or should I go now?

Should I stay or should I go now?

Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the National Health is the best decision for UK dentists. The NHS Decision. Please stay, despite everything.

An important decision for the NHS 
Sometime in the next year or five, we are going to fiddle around with the NHS dental contract again. 
Last time we did this, half of you walked out. 
It's a big decision, which made Labour look bad 
We don't want to look that bad. 
The NHS has secured a Special Status in a reformed NHS: 
• You work like a dog. 
• If you hit your targets, we might pay you. 
• If you don't like it, take your chances at private -see how you go. 
• We have a commitment to confuse the system even more, however  
The Government is wetting itself, hoping Dentists remain in the NHS. This leaflet sets out the myths and explains why the Government believes dentists remaining in the NHS will give the illusion we care.

This is your chance to decide your own future and make us look quite good. If you vote against, we will imply you are'Greedy Dentists' again.

A stronger economy 
The NHS is by far the UK's biggest dental care provider. NHS dentists amazingly provide100% of all NHS dental treatment. Remaining in the NHS means you can still provide NHS dental treatment. By contrast, leaving means you can't. Think of all the uncertainty and relief. 
The UK's potential dental Market is 64 million, although the Denplan bloke down the road seems to have most of them. This single market means you won't have to make up fees off the top of your head ever again. You will be able to sell your services much cheaper. 
Dental industry and the NHS 
Working inside the NHS also makes it more attractive for.... for we'll come back to this in the coming weeks. 
Speciality Jobs People Wanting To Leave Dentists Dental Nurses Hygienists 23,000 50,000 6** 22,998 49,994* 0** 
Two of the dentists pay good wages ** Part-time hygienists move around a lot

Over 150,000 UK jobs are linked to NHS dentistry and Internet photos like this

If you leave the NHS, patients will have to pay privately and that will mean the cost of living will go up. Then we'll have to find some excuse to blame the lat government - which was basically us.

Voting against staying i the NHS and you could end up working in a private practice like this

If you decide to leave the NHS when the new contract finally does come in (Once we've figured out exactly how we're going to clawback money), we'll prbabaly bring in yet another regulatory body just to look at private practice. Yes, we're going to take a close look at your privates.

The NHS vote is a big decision for you and your families. Leave, and no more cuddles for you

The Government believes that deciding to remain in the National Health Service is the best decision for the UK.

3 reasons you must visit Patient Plan Direct at th...
Yes Minister, No Dentistry

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Brexit or Brinnit



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