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A Smart Financial Move for Dental Practices

If you offer private dental plans in your practice, are you getting value for money from your existing plan provider? At Patient Plan Direct, we're coming across more practices than ever before that feel they're not getting the attention and service they once received and are left questioning why they are paying what can equate to a considerable practice overhead.

As a cost-conscious practice owner, it may be time to assess whether your current dental plan provider delivers value for money.

When Did You Last See Your Plan Representative? 

One crucial aspect often overlooked is the level of personal attention and service you receive from your dental plan provider. If you can’t recall the last meaningful interaction with your plan representative or if they seem unsure of who you are when you reach out for assistance, it's a clear sign that your practice isn’t prioritised.

Your plan provider should be actively leveraging their expertise to optimise your plan offerings for both new and existing patients. This includes suggesting further plan-focused training sessions. Refreshing your team's understanding of the plans will equip them with the confidence and knowledge to effectively communicate the plans' benefits to patients, ultimately increasing sign-ups. Regular plan reviews and annual fee increases are also vital to significantly bolster your practice's revenue potential.

Without regular catch-ups with your plan rep, you may miss valuable opportunities to enhance your dental plans and better serve your patient base.

How Much £’s Per Patient, Per Month? 

Transparency in pricing is key, especially as pricing varies vastly between plan providers. It makes sense to check that you're not one of the many practices overpaying for a minimal level of service.

In 2023, Patient Plan Direct witnessed an unprecedented surge in dental practices, switching from other major plan providers, marking a record-breaking trend for the company. On average, practices that switched to us benefitted from an average annual saving of £10,560.

Our competitive advantage lies in our dental plan administration fees, which start at just £1.36 per patient per month. Because of our low costs, we deliver substantial savings to our clients when they switch their plan patients to us. We achieve and retain such low admin fees due to our distinctive business approach, which includes:

Transparent fee structure: You only pay for the services you receive, with no hidden or inflated charges.

No charges for unnecessary services: We won't add additional fees for services you may not require, such as compliance, recruitment, or accreditations - we focus on your specific plan needs and nothing else.

Smart marketing: Unlike our competitors, we refrain from overspending on our marketing campaigns or lavish client events. Keeping our marketing costs low ensures we can keep our fees low.

We're not a huge corporate entity: We are a privately owned business with no vast overheads. We intend to keep it that way.


A Successful Switch to Smile About

Dr. Zak Kara, co-founder of Smile Stories in Bournemouth, experienced firsthand the benefits of switching to Patient Plan Direct. After purchasing a practice, which meant acquiring Denplan patients, Dr. Kara decided to switch plan provider, resulting in increased revenue, significantly reduced costs, and improved profitability. He said:

“We had around 450 patients from a different plan provider… what struck me was the amount of admin fees we were paying – it was insane! Well over £2 per admin fee per patient per month.

“Reservations regarding switching? We had a few – patient drop-off being one. The reality was we only lost a couple of patients at the beginning, no more than the drop off we experience month-to-month, and we’ve since gone on to far exceed our plan numbers following a switch to PPD.”

Watch the full video where Zak shares his journey through the switching process and the remarkable results that followed.

What's Involved When Switching Plan Provider?

Switching plan provider to Patient Plan Direct is now easier than ever, thanks to the seamless, bulk transfer of your plan patients’ Direct Debits.

We begin by conducting a comprehensive viability analysis tailored to your dental practice’s individual circumstances. This analysis defines the realistic financial benefits that can be achieved upon switching. Our proven 6-step process ensures a smooth and successful transition:

1. Strategy and timeline: We will work with you to identify a dental plan strategy unique to your practice and set a ‘switch’ timeline.

2. Informing your current practice plan provider: We prepare the notice letter and inform your plan provider of the ‘switch’ process.

3. Making time for team training: We conduct team training in all aspects of our service.


4. Patient communication: We ensure that the change of plan provider is communicated positively to patients.

5. Let the Switch commence, hassle-free: Time for you to sit back and relax while we manage the transfer of patient Direct Debits in the background.

6. Expert support and huge cost savings: Our expertise will ensure you achieve plan success.


Ready to Explore a New Plan Provider?

If your current plan provider does not align with your practice’s needs and potential savings and growth opportunities sound appealing, contact Patient Plan Direct. We will conduct a cost-saving analysis of your practice and show you how quickly you could change the trajectory of your practice for the better with our expert support.

Contact us online: www.patientplandirect.com/switch

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