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The Humble Toothbrush With a Heart

Waitrose hit the headlines recently for their animal welfare policies in dairy farming[i]. Now the supermarket chain is further endorsing their ethical values by proudly announcing the arrival of the Humble Brush to their stores.


Waitrose and Humble Brush are a perfect match. ‘The Waitrose Way’ is defined as showing a total commitment towards respecting the environment and treating people fairly. These values perfectly mirror those of the eco and panda-friendly toothbrush.


Currently with over 10,000 likes on Facebook, Humble Brush has also just been awarded Best Wellness product 2016 at Biofach/Vivaness Exhibition in Germany. At the world’s leading international trade fair for organic food and natural personal care, Humble Brush was selected for this accolade by over 50,000 visitors.


Humble Brush toothbrushes are equal in performance to traditional, plastic versions but with a 100% biodegradable Moso Bamboo handle. The bristles are also bisphenol-A (BPA) toxin-free nylon, which degrades over time and is processed through regular waste channels.


Every year, 5 billion toothbrushes are produced, most of which end up in landfills or in our seas, threatening our eco-systems and marine life. However, the fully biodegradable, sustainable bamboo used for Humble Brushes is the fastest growing, naturally antibacterial plant on earth. It’s also kind to our environment,  requiring no pesticides or fertilisers during its cultivation. What’s more, because pandas do not eat this particular bamboo, they are safe too!


The eco-friendly theme carries right through to the fully compostable packaging.


The Humble Brush’s ‘buy one, give one approach’ is simple – for every brush sold, the equivalent in funding goes to The Humble Smile Foundation. This group of volunteers currently operates in 15 remote communities across the globe delivering oral health awareness and critical dental care where the need is greatest.


One example is the Humble Smile Foundation’s collaboration with the Gabriel Project operating in the slums of Mumbai. Here, the aim is to counterbalance poverty and suffering to some degree for Mumbai’s children in the form of hunger relief, literacy support, health and empowerment. The simple slogan, “Eat to Learn” is promoted – in return for attending classes, children are given daily nutritious meals. The idea is to alleviate the immediate and pressing issue of hunger whilst at the same providing long-term care through education, the key to changing lives.


The Humble Smile Foundation joined forces with the Gabriel Project at the Kalwa slums, training local educators to become Oral Health Ambassadors and encouraging them to continue promoting oral health in schools across the wider district. Many children had never heard of a dentist before and almost without exception, didn’t own their own toothbrush. Tooth decay is rife, as the children have had no access to dental care. However, with many yet to establish their adult teeth, the Humble Smile Foundation afforded them a second chance. All of this is possible from the funding supplied by sales of the Humble Brush.


Do you care about the fair treatment of people and the environment? The Humble Brush, available in Waitrose stores, is the toothbrush for you!


For more information about the Humble Brush visit www.humblebrush.co.uk or to find out more about the Humble Smile Foundation’s work visit www.humblesmile.org


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[i] Daily Mail – Waitrose to ban factory farmed cows from producing milk for its supermarkets as it targets animal welfare, February 2016


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