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Help Is Always Needed - BDA Benevolent Fund

Help Is Always Needed - BDA Benevolent Fund

None of us can predict the future, and as a result, life can stop us in our tracks when we least expect it. Whether as a result of lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor diet and physical inactivity, or plain cruel misfortune, life-changing diseases can strike without any warning at all.

Dr. R discovered this for herself early last year after having a severe heart attack. She found that suffering from such a serious and unexpected health condition turned her life upside down.

Although the heart attack wasn't life threatening, Dr. R was in poor health and struggled with the after effects of undergoing a coronary artery bypass graft. Between recommended rest, implementing lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of reoccurrence and gradually restoring physical fitness, Dr. R had no choice but to take considerable time off work. Sadly, her husband also lost his job at this time and there wasn’t an income to support her husband and two young children; debt inevitably amassed.                                                                                               

Just as Dr. R had started to recover, her husband had a nervous breakdown.

Although after several months he managed to recover, he was unable to find employment. Between the responsibility of looking after her husband and children and dealing with the emotional and physical aftermath of her heart attack, Dr. R found it increasingly difficult to cope. When the situation started affecting her daughter with extended periods of depression and poor performance at school, she was unable to continue working as a dentist.

Eventually, her debts forced Dr. R to declare bankruptcy and sell her home. During this process her husband left her and their children and has not provided any financial support since.

Cases like this are more common than you think and by working together to provide financial support, the future for dentists like Dr. R – who is now a support teacher in a local school and feels brighter about her prospects – doesn't have to be bleak. Run by dentists for dentists, the BDA Benevolent Fund provides pecuniary support to current and former dentists and their families through all stages of their career and beyond. It relies on the generosity of dentists, dental organisations and companies to continue its work, so your help is critical.

By making a monetary donation or participating in fundraising events you could help a valuable cause. Thanks to the support of the profession, the BDA Benevolent Fund was able to help Dr. R, and who knows, maybe one day the Fund will help you.


The BDA Benevolent Fund relies on your help to continue its work,
so please contact us on 020 7486 4994 or
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
or to give a donation today go to www.bdabenevolentfund.org.uk.

And if you are in need of help yourself, please contact us now.

All enquiries are considered in confidence.


Registered charity no. 208146



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