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Sensodyne® shares data demonstrating the impact of dentine hypersensitivity at the FDI 2015, Bangkok

Sensodyne® shares data demonstrating the impact of dentine hypersensitivity at the FDI 2015, Bangkok


GSK Consumer Healthcare, manufacturers of Sensodyne®, hosted a special symposium at the recent FDI conference in Bangkok, Thailand to share results from recent research into the impact of dentine hypersensitivity (DH) on patients. The research, which involved over 800 DH sufferers, highlighted how the condition impacts patients and reinforced the benefits of daily treatment.

The research used the Dentine Hypersensitivity Evaluation Questionnaire (DHEQ), a validated tool, developed through a collaboration between GSK and the University of Sheffield School of Clinical Dentistry, in order to demonstrate the impact of DH.1,2 Through a new pooled analysis of DHEQ data from seven clinical trials, Sensodyne® has revealed some surprising findings about how people who experience the condition will compensate, cope and alter their social activities when living with dentine hypersensitivity. The data also confirmed the clinical benefits of the continuous use of a daily sensitivity treatment.3,4

Data presented at the symposium revealed that:3,4

·         9 out of 10 sufferers had been experiencing the condition for longer than one year

·         70.4% of DH sufferers considered that their sensitivity takes a lot of pleasure out of eating and drinking

·         59.4% of DH sufferers try to avoid the sensations by biting food into small pieces

Importantly the research also revealed that after only 8 weeks of twice-daily treatment with desensitising toothpaste, there was a significant improvement in the impact of DH on their daily lives.3,4

Dr Charlie Parkinson, Director of Medical Affairs, GSK Consumer Healthcare commented, “GSK are delighted to share this clinically relevant perspective of DH alongside evidence of the benefit of treatment on daily lives. We hope the findings of this research can improve management of DH and reduce the impact of the condition on people’s daily lives.”




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Sensodyne is a registered trade mark owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.


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