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Making waves with the Florida Probe Dolphin

Making waves with the Florida Probe Dolphin

How could the Florida Probe, one of the most accurate and consistent periodontal probes on the market, be made even better?


Clark Dental is proud to introduce the Florida Probe Dolphin – the single-use and disposable probe that ensures each new patient can be treated with a fresh appliance. Seeing you unwrap a new probe especially for them increases patient trust and reassures them that they are receiving the best and most hygienic care possible.


The Dolphin features a new, more flexible plastic sleeve, in a neon yellow colour to make it easier to see in both light and dark environments. With its improved flexibility, you will also be able to reach difficult interproximal sites far more easily.


The Florida Probe Dolphin is compatible with your existing Florida Probe and the powerful Voice Works perio-charting software. This innovative product is changing the way periodontal exams are conducted and is the ideal tool for any practice. To find out how you could benefit from it, contact the team at Clark Dental today.


For more information call Clark Dental on 01268 733 146, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.clarkdental.co.uk

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