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Revolutionise your practice with MyRay

Revolutionise your practice with MyRay

We all want an easier life, especially when it comes to work. As the dental profession benefits from a wide range of technological advancements it means there are many methods available to be able to do this.


Although digital imaging systems do incur an initial outlay, the effect they can have on your working life can be of huge benefit to you and the rest of the dental team. MyRay produces a range of systems to suit any needs, such as the Hyperion X9, which incorporates a modular concept enabling you to start with 2D panoramic imaging and upgrade to its 3-in-1 solution when required.

The MyRay range also boasts intraoral X-ray units offering you precision positioning and imaging every time. The ergonomic unit offers wireless convenience and image clarity meaning that taking radiographs is simple and fast.

To discover how you could revolutionise your dental practice through digital imaging, contact MyRay today.


For more information contact MyRay on 0870752221 or go to www.my-ray.co.uk.


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