NHS dentistry comes to supermarket


Britain’s first NHS dental practice located within a supermarket opened at Tesco Extra store in Corstorphine, Edinburgh.It was opened by Lib Dem Councillor Paul Edie who said: “There’s a crying need for NHS dentistry not just here but throughout the whole of Scotland. I’m delighted that we’ve got a new NHS practice here and over 1,200 people queuing up to get in.”

The store will be open 364 days a year, from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and throughout weekends. The practice is part of the IDH corporate. Matt Jackson, Director of Private and Specialist at IDH, said, “There is a need for good, accessible dentistry in this 24-hour society, and supermarkets provide the perfect opportunity for that.”

The new practice has one part-time and two full-time dentists and provides NHS treatment with affordable private options, as well as high-end dentistry such as implantology, facial aesthetics and CAD/CAM technology.





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