Heart Your Smile launched at Showcase

A new dental campaign:‘Heart Your Smile’, was recently started in the UK. The campaign aims to improve confidence of dentists in the UK dental profession, and it took place at Showcase in Birmingham. Launching it, dentist James Goolnik, spoke about measures for improving the dental profession.

The Heart Your Smile campaign was launched at the BDTA Dental Showcase on Friday 21st October to a successful response from dental professionals. The campaign which outlines a 9 point manifesto for change in the UK dental profession, is designed to instil confidence and inspiration in the dental profession amid regulatory changes and a strained economic climate which is currently facing UK dentistry.

At the BDTA Showcase participants at the exhibition where encouraged to sign the manifesto and receive a Heart Your Smile badge in return. Over 300 signatures were signed at the Heart Your Smile stand at the show by visitors, exhibitors and dental professionals on the Saturday alone and as a result, the Heart Your Smile Facebook page received 120 likes in just 2 days.

Heart Your Smile will be the recognisable source of this inspiration which is designed to “stimulate positive conversations in the profession about the profession,” according to Simon Gambold. As James Goolnik pointed out in his inspirational lecture at the Dental Showcase, “The quality of the interactions are all that sets you apart.”

Heart Your Smile, which is not affiliated with any one company, individual or organisation is the initiative of a number of people working with the dental profession who are looking to plant the seeds of change for a more positive future outlook. “The Heart Your Smile manifesto is a collection of core values which have been dubbed the ‘9 habits of a happy dental professional,’” said Seema Sharma.

People can expect to see a lot more from the campaign in the future and there are still a great many things to come in the pipeline. As Linda Stranks puts it, “A patient-facing campaign will also emerge from this which dental professionals can use to promote positive messages about overall healthcare and regular visits to the dentist.”


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