Go to Tokyo for ugly teeth

A rather bizarre story comes to us from Japan where a dental clinic has started supplying fake crooked teeth to those with more traditional ‘Hollywood smile’. Dental Salon Plaisir says its ‘Stick-on Crooked Teeth’ will impart that desirable ‘imperfect’ look to men and women alike, making them more attractive to the opposite sex.


The theory behind that slightly odd approach is that classic beauty tends to scare away timid suitors, whereas a more down-home look is easily approachable. Similarly, some Japanese women have been reported to favour men wearing glasses, as the physical flaw has a comparable aphrodisiac effect.

Anyone seeking the look will need to fork out upwards of ¥30,000 ($390) to have the veneers fitted. However Tokyo orthodontist Masaru Iwatsuki has his doubts. “It’s a crazy idea,” he says. “Teeth have holes to let oxygen in. Covering them is bad for the tooth’s health. Not that it matters, though,” he reckons. “It’s clearly a passing fad -- something that will be gone in six months.”


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