There’s gold in them there – toothbrushes

Three people were arrested in Florida after police raided a pawnshop suspected of selling stolen dental products. Investigators said the value of the stolen items could be more than $3 million. Electric toothbrushes and whitening trips were the favourites of the looters.

The sheriff’s deputies raided Citi Pawn in Boca Raton, and arrested its manager, Igor Roytikh 44, Lauren Healy 23, who mostly stole from the stores and Brian Hegmann 26, the getaway driver

Roytikh faces charges that include dealing in stolen property and aggravated retail theft. The products were stolen from stores on a 114-mile stretch from Tequesta to Cutler Bay, the Palm Beach Post reports. The pawnshop owner allegedly told police that the toothbrushes were sold over the internet. According to police, Hegmann and Healy allegedly concentrated their efforts on dental hygiene products such as electric toothbrushes and whitening strips.


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