John Milne protests to Minister over seniority pay

John Milne, chairman of the General Dental Practice Committee, is writing to the health minister, Earl Howe, to express dentists’ anger at the removal of seniority pay for those reaching 55 from this April. He is seeking an urgent meeting to discuss possible solutions, stressing that dentists have contributed to the costs of seniority pay throughout their careers.

In a letter to his committee John said: ‘You will be aware that, despite several reminders, (the Department of Health) has failed to discuss with us the continuation of the seniority pay scheme, or its replacement and the scheme is now closed to new entrants in England.

‘I have already informed DH that this is totally unacceptable and we have taken Counsel’s opinion as to what action may be possible to protect colleagues who are now unable to benefit from the scheme, despite contributing to the costs of seniority pay throughout their careers.

’The Executive discussed this issue at our meeting on Wednesday and share my view that the removal of seniority pay for new entrants is completely unjustified.

‘DH have informed us that they are actively looking for a way forward, and we will continue to press them for an alternative scheme that meets with current age discrimination legislation.’


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